Monday, December 22, 2008

Do BOYS live in this house?

I had three shows here this past week.
It was nice getting back into the swing of things as far as my work goes.
I really love working from home and entertaining for a living. While it can be a tiny bit overwhelming to have the shows here, it does make me "keep house" better than usual.
Which brings me to this topic for Manic Monday.
I was asked, by a lovely girl, this weekend, a question I have been asked before, and I wanted to tell you my real answer, not the answer I gave her.
She asked me..."If you are the only girl living here, why doesn't it look more like a boy's house?"
Now... when I am asked a question, especially during a show, where they are my customers, and I need to be Politically Correct, unassuming, even keeled, and in "sales mode", I have to choose my words carefully. Don't get me wrong... I was NOT the least bit put off by this question at all! As a matter of fact... I took the context of the question as a compliment. Her question meant my house does NOT look like a gym locker, nor does it smell like one!
So I just glanced around my house, said Thank you to the girl and that was that! I loved her question. It made me sure I had decorated the right way, with a woman's touch.
Now, here is what I have been saying all along to anyone that asked that same question, while I was not in "work mode".
"I am the only girl in this house. While I love my position as only girl, it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming being the sole estrogen laden being in "Testosterone Toon Town".
I am the only perplexed person in the house when arm farts are unleashed, "pretend" fights are fought, "packages" are shifted, burps are vocalized into words or sentences, and every single room in the house is a place to leave socks, NOT their bedrooms. I am the only one yelling for socks to be picked up, beds to be made, teeth to be brushed, and bedtime to be adhered to.
I am the only one that KNOWS that 10 p.m. is not the best time to practice Tae Kwon Do or pitching strategies. I am the one standing in the hallway, explaining why they can't wear the same jeans 2 days in a row, and "No, a shower once a week is not a good way to save water".
At the dinner table, simply moving a glass in the direction of the water pitcher is not a good enough indication that your glass needs to be filled... words need to be spoken. We don't speak "unga bunga" in this house, at least not when I'm home, much to my men's chagrin.
Soooo!!! My house reflects that a girl, in fact, does live in this house, and she is a force to be reckoned with. They may outnumber me, but they will never outwit me. I love them with all their disgusting habits, warts and all, but my home is my domain, and purple rules here. Yes, even my bedroom is girlified. My hubby could care less. He says he knows how important a home is to a woman, and I can do what I want with it. That poor man has had not one bit of say in the decorating and he truly does not care one bit. That's a man's man if you ask me.
The "boys" bathroom is a little bathroom attached to my bedroom. It, too, is purple, just like the hallway bathroom. The only two rooms in the entire house that look like men live with me are the boys' bedrooms. One is red, and one is blue.
Don't get me wrong. The men use this house. They are just learning to have a healthy respect for wanting to live in a semi-clean environment. I am not, nor will I ever be, the consummate Mama that just tsk tsks when her men leave stuff for her to pick up. No sirreee bob. They know to pick up after themselves, how to clean a toilet, how to dust, do dishes, empty dishwashers, and they all know how to separate laundry and what temperatures to wash them in. They even know how to cook. I didn't say they were happy about it, but it sure is funny to hear them get disgusted when we watch a program like "Clean House" and they see how disgusting those peoples houses are.
I know they enjoy living in a home that, though it may not be huge, it may not be in the absolute best repair, is tidy, cozy, livable, comfortable, and sitting anywhere will not require anyone to get an antibiotic shot.
Yes, boys live here. Four handsome, lovable, manly men live in this purple paradise we call Casa De Shaver.
They know not to eat in the front room, no gum in the house, and no cleats in the house.
Maybe one day I will get great big hugs and kisses from my daughters in law for sending my men out there armed with basic household knowledge, so my daughters in law will have partners in life, and not someone to just clean up after.
My husband is a partner. He doesn't have to clean up, he works super hard to provide for our little brigade here at home... but if push came to shove, he is one heck of a house husband. I've seen it first hand.
I even got him a gardner a few years ago, so he can continue making our little home more modern with his awesome building skills, and not worry about the weeds or lawn.
Okay, so my answer would totally NOT be that long in real life... but you get the picture.
Like the song says, in "Flower Drum Song"
Ciao, bellisima!


  1. Hi,

    It takes a mom to make a house a home. I'm sure your family feels that everyday!

  2. Great post Saundra. I love your home too and whenever I am there it feels like a home not just a house. I can definitely feel the love and warmth.

  3. Could both of you show up every morning around 5:30 and say nice things to me to make my day!!!

    Thank you both so much!

  4. You might be the only girl, but you're worth about 5 women, Saundra, so it's more than in your favor... :)

  5. I'm taking mental notes as I read. I'm trying with my boys now, but only my oldest (he's 6) really gets it. Baby steps, right? Right? Saundra? Help!

  6. Well said. Unfortuantely my house does look like a boys house. I have currently four teenaged boys ranging from 13 to 17, as well as a 8 yr old boy and 3 yr old boy. There are trucks and trains and yes, socks..NICK!! And yet somehow the drive way is not shovelled most days til my wonderful husband comes home. Now this week we have the pleasure of having a guest , a young man who is almost 16, and he has shovelled our driveway a few times. I asked the boy.." ummm do you think when it comes time to leave , your aunt would mind taking one of my boys and leaving you behind?" LOL..

  7. This is what I have to look forward too??? Yikes!
    I think about what my future DIL's will say about how I raised their husbands-I have taught them to vacume, dust, empty the dishwasher, fold and put away their own clothes, and my hub. has taught them to cook with him...We are trying to raise up some good ones, here!
    (In a girly-looking, but not acting house...)

  8. Good for you!! I think its important for all kids to learn the basics of cooking and how to clean and respect their home. We are a bit sloppy in our household, but we all enjoy the color purple too! LOL
    I am sure your wonderful Daughters in Law are going to love you for it!


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