Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drinking.texting, reading, etc... while driving.

This morning... around 7 a.m., while driving home from dropping William off at a baseball tournament his school is hosting... I noticed a freeway sign that said this on it.
"January 1, no texting while driving."
I have one word for that...
Has this country gone so far by the wayside that adults need to be REMINDED not to...
oh..,I don't know... TYPE OR READ while driving?
What part of that did everyone forget from driver's ed!
It annoys me to NO END that people would seriously TEXT while driving.
I also have no patience for people (women) who
apply makeup while driving too.
Or people who... read newspapers, novels, look at the person they are talking to instead of keeping their eyes on the road while driving also.
Drinking and driving or driving while sleepy are still the biggest dangers... but I have to think that there are a LOT idiots out there that are typing and driving and killing a lot of people.
There is a reason cars don't come equipped with laptops in the dashboards... people!
Although, while driving home from the beach the other day... I did see an Escalade with a TV
playing Spongebob IN THE FRONT DASHBOARD!
Really??? People can't get away from TV even to drive? Buy a DVR... Save a life!
My Expedition came equipped with an entertainment video system FOR THE BACK SEAT PASSENGERS. We never use it... but when the kids were smaller, they would occasionally watch a video on long car trips. My kids aren't big TV watchers, so it was a feature that was useless to us, but it came with the car...
But I digress... I'll say it again.... IT IS FOR THE BACKSEAT PASSENGERS!
Why do people feel the need to take their eyes off the road to communicate...
I want to believe that we Americans are smart enough not to have to have laws put into place that forbid us from doing things that are OBVIOUS!!!
How many driver's training courses have you seen when the teacher does a lecture on which section of the newspaper to read while driving on the freeway? Hey! Maybe the obituaries would be good... bet there are a bunch of them with "natural causes" diagnosis written in so as not to embarrass the family whose idiot family member was TEXTING WHILE DRIVING AND DIED!!!
I have a huge extended family... and we've had our fair share of tragedy with drunk drivers. They were lost to the stupidity of drunk people getting into their cars and they were all 27 years old. They did not die at the same time. The drunk drivers... are all alive.  I have too many friends and acquaintences that visit a grave site instead of a house because of Alcohol related deaths.
Needless to say... I never get behind the wheel of a car when I've had even a sip of anything alcoholic.
This reading and texting thing scares the crap out of me. My oldest is going to be driving next year. If people are stupid enough to text and drive, and not see the danger... what next!!!
Are car companies going to embed wii's into the dashboards so people can play Guitar Hero while traveling 75 miles per hour on a freeway?
The New Year is upon us.
If you are going to party... give your keys to someone completely sober.
Two drinks is still too many to drive.
Call a cab.
Stay home.
Watch everyone else get stupid, and save your self respect...
Please... be safe...
Don't take your own life, or worse... someone elses... because you needed to get your groove on.
If you are going to drink... please do not operate anything with wheels unless it has a remote control.
Pass it on...
This has been a message from an overbearing Italian Mama that has been to too many funerals because of alcohol related deaths...
Be safe my friends...
I want to hear from you on January 2, safe... happy... and in one piece...


  1. AMEN!!!

    Girl you should just SEE the women on their cell phones down here!!! They are crappy drivers to begin with but then they add the phone too. It's really bad, and very dangerous!!

  2. When we were in Sweden and my husband was driving superfast on those super highways, he told me it was safe and that he was an excellent driver. I told him, "You might be, but it only takes one idiot. Then what happens? You die. Now slow down." And he got it.

  3. OMG - Great post and so son is driving now and I have to remind him eery time to put the cell phone away while driving....and I always show him articles about accidents that occured due to this cause.

  4. So true... I can't believe it either. New Year's Eve is a big holiday for that as well. Thanks for sharing...
    Oh, and I love your beach pics!!!!


  5. Ive been seeing those signs here too! I was like HELLO!!! Who does that?
    When I was a commuter I saw someone eating cereal (out of a bowl with a spoon) in the car and they were the driver! My husband also saw someone driving and eating corn... on the cob!!! No wonder fatalities happen. Also, put on those seat belts, I cant believe people still dont do this.

  6. Ok-I have to say the pictures of your boys are AMAZING!!!! So cute!!!
    Texting, cell phone using, ect. drive me crazy! I am NoT one of them.
    Drinking and driving-I have a LOW opinion of those who drive drunk, "buzzed" or even have one brother was killed by a drunk driver-his own friend. Great post. Hope people think first...
    Happy New Year!

  7. AMEN GIRL! Ummm... does finishing a text message and hitting send after you start rolling when the light turns green count. Not that I would do something so obviously stupid, ya know. Just askin'. :o\ LOL!

    That TV system in the car irritates me, too. I have actually found myself getting distracted by the stuff on in the car in front me. Obviously, while I don't drive drunk, I do from time to time drive stupid! I promise to do much better in the new year.


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