Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will had an accident

Holy Crap!
My son Will and a CAR collided today.
I am totally freaking out!
He's fine, scraped up and sore, but okay... THANK GOD!
He was riding down the street and a car turned left in front of him and he hit the van on the side.
Alex, his brother, saw the whole thing. Bill was about 50 feet way, and Johnny and I had just pulled out of the park and started for home, when my cell phone rang with Bill rambling on about something.
I didn't have my earbud on, and I missed the part where he told me Will was in a accident.
So all I heard was Will and Bill talking in the background.
So I hung up, called Bill back and he got a little miffed with me because he thought I had heard him, and he just wanted me to come back... so he kept saying... Saundra... come back to the park, turn around and come back, just come back.
So... I went back.
Then I saw my baby on the side of the road, sitting on the curb, with a bloody elbow, and bloody knee and people all around him.
My stomach lurched.
I got out of the car, knelt down next to him, and tried with all my might not to break down in tears in front of all those people. I just kept touching his skin, feeling for anything broken, checking his eyes, looking at him, seeing he was really all in one piece and really right in front of me.
After a little talking and bantering, he got up, got into the car... and we drove home.
As soon as I entered the house, I started really crying profusely.
Hugging him too tightly, kissing his face, telling myself he is okay and in one piece, drenching his shirt with my tears.
Then Alex and Bill came home, and Alex saw the whole thing and decided it was a great time to give me a blow by blow of the account.
Not a good idea... it only made me cry more.
So I really, really wanted Will to see a Doctor, and Will swears he is fine.
Tomorrow I'll take him in.
The kicker is the guy that hit him is Alex's soccer coach!
We just won our game 10 minutes prior!
You know... my kids nit pick and banter and squabble all. the. time. ALL THE TIME!
This little episode scared them silly.
Alex said he was sick with fear for Will, and when he saw his brother get hit, he dropped everything and ran to him.
And right now... Alex has asked Will about 100 times if he is okay.
I can sense the fear of loss in Alex. It warmed my heart and made me cry again.
Johnny has been asking him if he needs anything all night.
So sweet.
My kids are close, but they banter all the time.
They are so close in age, and being the same gender helps the banter along.
My husband even gets into the mix everyday.
I am odd man out... and so happy about it!
So he is okay. Bruised and scraped and now bandaged up... but okay.
Thank God!


  1. I heard the thud and I saw Bill run. At first I thought it was you because I saw Alex. I went over to the gate and I saw will sitting on the curb. I am so glad that he is ok. Someone was watching over Will yesterday.

  2. I'm so sorry about Will. But so glad he is okay. What a scary experience. So glad that is had a good outcome. You just never know, do you? Hug and Kiss on them everyday!!!

  3. How scary!!! So glad that it wasn't worse!

  4. Wow! Glad to read that Will came out of that okay. My kids ride their bikes/scooters all the time and we always talk about what could happen. It only takes a second.


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