Friday, October 10, 2008

10 biggest fears

Okay, I'm going to follow LazyCrazyMama's lead and do Mama Kat's writing prompts too.
I need this.
I need to get started on my book, and I think writing with this workshop will help me. goes.
My Ten Biggest Fears
(aside from losing kids, family and other special people)
1. I. HATE. SNAKES. H-A-T-E THEM! When I was about 10 my Papa would take up up to Lytle Creek to pick raspberries and enjoy the ice cold water in the 110 heat of summer.
After one especially hot day, we were going back to his truck, and it was surrounded by at least 10 snakes. I screamed like someone was cutting my legs off with a butter knife.
They were hissing, and coiling, and slithering and ooohhhh they were AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL! Papa took a huge shovel he kept in the bed of the truck and proceeded to slice each and every one of them in two. The gross part? They don't die right away! They slither and wiggle even more! I don't know how I stayed conscious!
Remember the movie SSSSSSSSS? Yeah... I know!
2. Change. I am afraid of any sort of change. Like when grocery stores change their set ups.
What is that! Just when I get used to it... they go and rearrange everything.
Why does it make sense to them to put cosmetics across the way from baby food?
Is that better somehow?
3. Heights. I'm okay as long as there is a floor beneath me. We were in Toronto one year, and we went up to the CN Tower, and they have a glass bottom floor 1400 feet up.
I was okay outside, looking over the edge... but then we went inside to see the glass floor and I freaked out.
The boys were walking all over it and I just stood there, like a statue.
I can't go on glass bottom floor boats if I have to stand on the glass.
No thank you.
4. Being caught without a bra on some mornings when we are running late to school and I just rush out the door in my sleepwear.
That would be horrible.
5. being stranded out in my car with no cell reception. So... being the planner that I am... I always have a blanket, flashlight, batteries, granola bars, extra shoes, spare pair of glasses, a change of clothes, lots of water, and money stashed in the car at all times.
6. Needles. I can't watch them go into any part of any body, even on TV. I don't mind getting shots or giving blood, I just can't watch the needle. Yuck!
7. Losing my memory. I think that would be horrible. To not remember all the wonderful memories of my kids and my wedding, and our trips... would be completely awful.
8. Going under General Anesthesia. I have never been under. 3 oral surgeries, 3 c sections, root canals, 3 wisdom teeth pulled, all awake.
9. Not raising good men. I fear the world will turn them against all my hard work.
10. Being irrelevant. I think a lot of women experience that.
We have a lot to say, and there are still people that think because we have vajayjays we aren't
Okay... that's my 10 fears. what are yours?


  1. That was fun snd interesting. You and I have a lot of the same fears. I am also afraid of not raising good children that will make great mom and dads one day. I am also afraid of losing a child.

  2. I am so with you on #1, ewwww! #2, yes please quit changing things just when I get used to them!
    #4 LOL!!!
    #5 - oh we have nothing for cell reception around here. So yes, our car also has quite the store during winter :)
    #6 again with the ewww!
    #7 too bad mine is already gone ;)
    #8 oh yes its an awful feeling!
    #9 It sounds like you are doing a good job of it so far!!
    #10 AMEN to that!

    Great list!! :)


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