Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor...Ali didn't wear yellow!!!

Edited to Add:
Jake cried.
Ali wore purple, instead of yellow.
Vienna did something REALLY unfortunate with her fake hair on Rose night...
Gia was adorable.
Tenley's voice wasn't AS annoying as it has been.
Cori admitted she's a virgin...
Jake was still like... "Oh gosh, gee willickers... yuck, yuck, yuck..."
I wish now.. that I didn't know who Jake picks...
Because what he's doing still doesn't make any sense... and I know who he ends up with...
I wish Ali would stay...
but I believe her hatred for Vienna proved to be too much for her... and I just don't blame her.
I am so glad he kicked Vienna out of his room... it was kinda slutty of her... especially with Gia
on the same date... sheesh!
Her Mama didn't teach her an finesse or class...
She can't use youth as an excuse... I know a lot of really classy, respectful 23 yr olds...
ETA!!! Just saw on Reality Steve's blog, a picture of Vienna...WEARING NOTHING BUT A BURBERRY SCARF OVER HER TATA'S! Hellooooo... Ward and June aren't gonna like that in a prospective future daughter in law... !!!
Tacky... sooooo tacky!
Jake is really, really "Leave it to Beaver".
It was a yawn fest tonight...
I'm gonna go read "Redeeming Love" in bed now...


  1. I agree Vienna was being slutty and I was glad Jake wasn't too impressed by it. After that and barging in on his one on one time with Gia, I really don't like Vienna anymore at all. I did like Corrie though. I like all that are left now except for Vienna--she's whining all the time and pouty and obnoxious. Why would he keep picking her?????????

    It was nice to see Ali in something other than yellow. She looked really nice. Showing him her hometown was one of the best dates, I thought.

  2. Sorry for the second comment, but just had to mention that Redeeming Love is one of my all-time favorites. It's one of the few books I actually bought and own! Hope you are enjoying it!

  3. Oh Jake, Jake, Jake.....this home-town boy facade is really starting to grate on me. You would like that after Vienna's tactics that he would really she what she's like -- but no. The little brain is ruling -- and he's not thinking. Oh well. Guess I have to wait another week for the next round of drama!

    Thanks for the recap!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. You know... I didn't realize that Ali always had yellow on. How bad is that? I think she looks good in the color, but you're right, too much of a good thing can make it bad. Lol.

    Ok.... so... ummmmm.... who DOES he end up with? And if it's with Vienna, I'm not watching the show ever again!!!!

  5. I wish I didn't know either. (Even though I wanted to know, now I regret it!)

    Cori was just as cute as a button, but a little youngish, maybe?

    Gia or Tenley are my favorites right now.

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  7. "Oh gosh, gee willickers... yuck, yuck, yuck..." That just totally cracked me up! I'll send you an email on how I created the collage.


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