Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Bill worked out of town on Thursday night, and he got home yesterday, only to be dragged out
across the street to the park for a Jazz concert in the park our fair city was putting on.
It was so nice!
The weather was perfect, the music was great, and we "worked" the Snack Bar for our Baseball League. Mostly, our kids did the work, while we sat nearby and enjoyed the company of our friend and Pres. Cheri and the music.
We saw some vvveerrryyyy interesting people enjoying the music also.
There was a man, about 65, long white hair pulled into a ponytail, white beard, white mustache, black tank top and .... a.... um.... a....
long, flowy, 3 tiered ruffle gauze SKIRT!
He was definitely in touch with his feminine side. Our kids were out selling discount cards to the mass of people on the lawn, and Johnny came by and informed me he saw another old man dressed like a woman like the one we saw at Bubby Gump's in Long Beach.
Too funny.
I really enjoyed seeing all the families gathering on the lawn, listening to a great band, spending a leisurely evening together. It was wonderful that our city provides this for us.
I just wish we had a gorgeous park to do it in like in Riverside at Fairmont Park. We need a lovely, tree filled park, with Gazebos, a creek, and just lots and lots of hilly grass to do these things in. But... I'll take what I get.
Tonight Bill and I are going to his company's 25th Anniversary dinner at The Grove in Anaheim. I LOVE seeing Bill's co workers and crew with their wives. They are such fun people.
This will be the first time we will be alone together by ourselves for the evening since last October. Sad huh? Such is life with three active boys and their lives.
So we will have fun just being a couple and not having to say 'No and Stop that" all night long.
I hope.


  1. We sat and listed to the music while we were camping. It was really good and it sounded like their were lots of cool prizes in the raffle. Have fun tonight you guys deserve it.

  2. I hope you enjoy your coffee and ice cream.........


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