Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yeah, my kids go to private school, so what?

I don't know if I just attract certain types of people, or just have an 'invisible to me' sign on my forehead that just tells people to offer me unsolicited advice... but I am just so
sick and tired of people telling me how terrible I am for sending my kids to private school when we have superb schools right here in GT.
I definitely know we have wonderful schools here, and all over the U.S., but the vast majority of people that do know my kids don't attend public school and never have, actually tell me they wish they could do it for their children. To which I answer to them... "Oh okay"
I have nothing against public schools, at all, I don't feel like my kids are getting a better education, just a different one. I like having more say in my kids education without all the red tape and bureaucracy. I like that my kids are getting Biblical education alongside the mainstream education. I like that they are very, very strict about PDA's (public displays of affection) and teach against all the alternative lifestyle stuff I don't believe in, and all of this as a reinforcement of what I try to teach at home.
Better? No. Just different.
And I know that lots of schools teach these same principles, whether private or public, but my main reason is... I have more control over the "friends having an influence" if we don't go to a school in our same community. Please don't give me flack over it... if you want to know exactly what I mean, email me.
I have heard more times than I care to admit, many of my acquaintences say they don't like such and such person, but they have to be nice because their kids are friends!
Life is too short to worry about that junk! Raise your kids! Friends come and go!
My kids would attend Private school whether we lived in Beverly Hills or Podunk, USA.
It's my choice.
I am not doing them a disservice.
Yes, they are a lot more sheltered in their schools as opposed to other schools,
but is staying a kid a little longer such a bad thing?
Yeah, maybe my kids are 'different' in some ways, such as maturity level, things they have been exposed to, what they believe to be an acceptable age to have girlfriends and such...
but really, how detrimental can that be?
Private schools have a zero tolerance policy for lots of things okay in mainstream schools.
Kids aren't as free in private. I personally like that.
I try not to mention that my kids don't attend public school. I get asked A LOT where they go to school, especially here in town, because the Mama's don't see me in carpool and my kids don't know other kids in town except for the kids they know from playing Rec. sports.
In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter where they go to school?
I just want them to be good, God fearing men, who love me, their Dad, their siblings, have college educations, occupations they adore, marriages before carriages, and a home of their own.
Everything else is just icing on the cake, as long as it is good and honest.
Isn't that really what we all want?
This all stemmed from a lady, (I'll use that term loosely) who literally walked right up to me, asked me if my kids attend such and such schools, literally poked my shoulder and told me
to my face, that I was doing my kids a lot of harm by sending them to private school.
She continued to tell me that when my kids 'get out into the real world' they are going to
be shell shocked. It will be too much for them.
I asked her if she realized that I don't send them to school in chauffered limosines, with bodyguards. If she noticed that I live in a small, humble home, with bathrooms the size of coat closets, and that my kids play Recreational sports in our fair city. If she noticed that I am just a woman trying the best I can with what I have, have driven the same car for the past 5 years,
don't always have the right thing to say, sometimes slip when I'm mad,
and wear black an awful lot because it always matches everything, all the time?
No, our money tree has not dropped cash ever. Just leaves.
I live in the same neighborhood as some really rotten people, and my kids have to put up with them all the time, every time they pass their house, the Mom makes horrible, unkind, childish remarks to my kids, because she despises me.
I think my kids have a pretty good handle on what the world is really like.
Remember who I live behind?
They have two really good examples of what NOT to turn into in their adulthood, living within a stones throw from their home.
I just wonder why people feel the need to inform me of the impending doom of my kids!?!
How would all you mom's with kids in public school feel if I were to say...
"Oh, well, you know... private schools are just sooo much better than those public schools, you are doing your kids SUCH a disservice for not sending them to private schools!"
We go without a lot of things other people get all the time.
Big screen TV's
New cars every 2 years.
Remodeling done by contractors, not waiting for the hubby.
Walk in movies as opposed to drive in's (hee hee, we love the drive in's)
Everyone has a choice where to spend their money.
All the women who want me to take my kids out of private schools can suck my big toe.
I don't tell you what to do with your hair!
I don't tell you I can't believe you got braces before your own kids!
I don't tell you I can't believe you pay for your nails and toes and botox, and you complain that your daughter need glasses and you just can't afford it!
Oops... I guess I just did!
I guess turnabout is fair play!
I'll make you a bet... ladies who think I'm an idiot...
I'll bet you my kids turn out great, without all the drugs, alcohol, stupidity associated with teenagers, and NOT because they go to private school, but because
my kids, and a lot of my friends kids, know that we Mama's aren't gonna tolerate it, and are gonna be there for them every single day, while you are at your botox appointments and having your martini's at 5 p.m. We are gonna be taking our kids to games, lessons, music, or whatever floats their boats!
Time = love.
I'm gonna take my wrinkled old forehead to bed now, and kiss my darling children, and say a prayer over them, to protect them from women like the one who accosted me today.
How dare she... Really!
Her botox wasn't working... she had crows feet around her eyes!


  1. I truly believe that we know whats best for our children. Public or private it our choice. Just like when people aske if I am done having kids. It's my choice so back off. I have seen and heard bad things from both sides of teh school debate but I truly belive that no matter what school they go to you have to be an involved parent. I hear people tell me all the time "your sending your son to Colton?" So what if I am. Who says Redlands is better or REV, or North. It's my choice. I don't know for sure where he ig going to go but if no matter what High school he goes to I will be involved.

  2. Saundra - you probably won't get to read this unless you go back to prior comments but anyway in response to the lady who was obviously telling you what you were doing wrong. Obviously she is not a christian, which seems like the most important thing of all in raising our children today. If they know Christ when they are young they may stray away from Christ for a while, but will have a solid foundation having known and been taught about Christ. I challenge you to ask this "lady" who seems to know what is best for everyones children if she knows Christ or if her children know Him. It sounds like she is someone who is involved someway in activities that you all do there in town, so give her a earfull on how Christ has worked so wonderfully well in you and your families lives. We love you as a mother to our grandchildren and appreciate all that you do in raising Godfearing young men to do right. May God continue to bless all of you. Love your Mother In Law Max

  3. Thank you again Max, and Yes,
    I read them all. All comments on my blogs go straight to my email, so i don't have to go chasing comments.

    What you said means a lot to me... thank you again.

  4. Sounds to me like this "lady" is just jealous. Next time you see her tell her green really isn't her color. I don't know what it is about some people, but I've had unsolicited advice many times by people who have never even had kids. I have no problem telling these folks that unless they are the ones getting up with my kid for feedings every two hours, sitting up all night with her when she's sick, do homework with her everyday (summer vacation included), take her to all her activities (even when I'm sick), etc...than you can micromanage my life, but until then, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

  5. Anonymous, i don't know who you are... but you hit the nail exactly on the head!

    I love the "green isn't your color!"

  6. I think for some people, their life is so bad, it's easier to judge other people instead of dealing with their own life.

  7. Sorry, the anonymous person was me. Livi called me to help her find something and I hit send before I could enter my name.

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  9. I was looking at your current blog post and saw a link to this one. I wish I'd seen it earlier this week when I was feeling the same way. My girls went to a wonderful Public school but we intended to move them to a private christian school. Then we moved and don't have the same options so for the moment they are doing an online school from home...very challenging...and they love it. They are active in the community and with ballet/tennis and being a part of a church and youth group is a must. Anyway, I get the same comments and looks. They know my girls...they are beautiful, smart, kind, friendly and by no means are they some "weird homechooler". Other kids have no problem with this...just the parents...or mostly moms. Geez...i can't believe I am ranting on somebody else's blog. So sorry! I just loved everything you wrote here:-)


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