Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Today was a good day.
There a bunch of wonderful women in my house, eating, laughing, talking, buying, just having
a good time. It's a great feeling.
I love my job. I got a lot of bookings today too!
Alex and Will are now referees, Level 8, whatever that means.
The classes were loooong. 8 hours Saturday and Sunday.
They texted me at each break, telling me incessantly how hungry they were.
I think I'll tell them I changed the plan to 5 texts per day.
It has to stop.
They were in the other room today, and texted I luv u, to me.
I hate text grammar. Ha Ha!
One more week of Health Class for Will. Then his "two a days"
start after a two week break and Hell week.
I was asked to cook for one of the nights of Hell Week.
I said "Heck yeah... I'll carbo load those men!"
So spaghetti and my Mama's meatballs are on the menu.
It'll be a great way to see William during that week, and to sneak him some clean clothes and make sure he is brushing his teeth. (I have a thing about clean teeth)
I know... I know...let go.
And I say... NO! NO! NO!
They will always be my babies!
Always... I say!


  1. Yes, they will always be our babies. My youngest is having trouble not being a baby anymore. He already has the sense that there's a big, big world out there and he's fiine staying the baby.

    I'll have to work on that!

  2. Ok, what kind of plan do you have? Is it text only for the boys? I just don't want it to cost a car payment for cell phones. Luke & Matt are going to do the ref class in August. Are you setting up a booth at Opening ceremonies? OMG, my 3 kids are all at camp this week. You have to go see MAMA MIA. (We even bought the soundtrack at Costco.) It was totally fun. Matt and I went after dropping the kids off for the week.


  3. Okay...

    I have At&t, Family Talk plan, their phone cost me 9.99 a month and we share minutes, but I have thousands of rollover minutes.

    The texting I had was 20 bucks just for me and it was 400 texts a month, now I pay $30 and it's unlimited texting for all of us.

    My bill runs about $130 a month now, but I write most of it off for business. You can too!

    I saw the Musical in Vegas, and can't wait to see the movie.

    I have all of Abba's songs on my Ipod. I used to own their... gulp... 8 tracks!

  4. I had no idea about booths for opening ceremonies. No one mentioned it to me. hmmmm.

    When is it?

  5. August 16, the booths are free. It's on the soccer webpage. Oh, I still have ABBA records, ha ha.


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