Saturday, July 26, 2008

Turning 12... again.

Last day of summer school!
For two weeks, I don't have to wake up at 6 a.m.! Yahooo!
Tomorrow is Alex's 12th Birthday.
We are having family over for dinner tomorrow night
and as his gift, he wants to invite a couple of friends to go play
at Dave & Busters.
I can do that!
We are planning that for next week some time.
I am in the process of conducting his interview.
Dinner tomorrow night is all his favorites.
Apricot Chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans amandine,
hot freshly baked bread with butter,
greek salad, and regular lettuce salad with Ranch dressing.
I am so thankful he doesn't know what Beef Wellington is.
Remember being 12? Summer's were endless. I hated when my parent's had to go to work.
I thought they should stay home and play with us.
We had a person come in and "watch" us during the summer. Even though I was babysitting until the wee hours of the night, watching other people newborns and toddlers, my Mama had babysitters for us until I was 13. I get it now... but not then.
They would always want to watch soap operas... I hated soaps. They always wanted to call their boyfriends and tell them how bored they were. I hated being boring.
A couple of the sitters would go into my closet and start trying on my clothes and tell me how outdated I was. I WAS IN PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL! I wore a uniform, how many clothes could I possibly have?
12 had it's ups though. Hormones were kicking in... I had to wear a bra since 9, so that wasn't a big deal... but boys weren't so awful any more.
My Mom transferred me from Private to public and I went to the "normal" Junior High.
That was culture shock and a half.
12 was a real transition year.
I could have fallen into the wrong crown easily, but I had good roots and knew what I wanted
in friends. I remember having a sense of... "School is just school, when I go home, that's where it's safe to be me, where everyone loves me... this place doesn't matter so much." I also had extracurricular activities that many people didn't back then. I was dancing 4 nights a week and performing all over the country on weekends with people that valued all the same things my family valued.
That really got me through some rough patches of eating lunch alone and not knowing what the
new fads were and all the new lingo. I was sheltered, and it was a good thing. I figured that out quickly.
I remember experimenting with foul language, and feeling SO guilty, that a few weeks later, I woke my Mom up at 3. a.m. and told her that I had been saying bad words all the time at school and that I was sorry. She told me recently that that was the beginning of her profound trust in me. That she knew my conscience wouldn't let me down, and that I would be a strong willed girl with lots of self esteem. I didn't know it then... but I can see it now.
I wish every girl had my upbringing. It was strict... strong... loving... fun... and loads of clothes shopping was involved. My Mama didn't stand for any lip, respect of all adults was paramount,
and I was expected to walk a straight and narrow line... or else.
12 was a real transition year. I knew who I wanted to be... and had to behave a certain way to get there. I didn't struggle again until I was 17, and that was just over a stupid boy.
I wouldn't sleep with him... he broke up with me and called me a prude.
It hurt... I cried... he laughed... I stood my ground and didn't want to give myself like that to anyone. I was taught that was precious and a gift, and not to be taken lightly.
He was a real pig with the rumors. He is a pastor now. So funny!
Wow.. I really got off on another tangent here!
Remember being 12?
I do.
Until domani!


  1. Happy early Birthday Alex it sounds like a yummy dinner. I remember being 12 and thinking I was so grown up and cool but 12 year olds seem so youngto me now.

  2. I swear my 12 year old is much younger than his older brother was a 12!

    Warm memories Saundra. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathy, Thank you!

    I feel the same way about Alex and Will.

  4. I can't remember 12. I think it's I don't want to remember. Oh well!


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