Monday, July 28, 2008

The day after...

Yesterday was a good day.
Good food, family and fun.
Alex was such a little man. He was gracious and kind, and stuck around with the grownups and helped, and walked guests out.
He has turned out to be a truly appreciative pre teen.
I forgot to serve the salad! I KNEW there was something I was forgetting!
I made homemade ranch dressing too! From scratch!
Totally boneheaded that!
Out of sight...out of mind!
We know what we are having for dinner tonight!
Leftovers AND salad! Lots and lots of salad!
Next week is Dave & Busters with a couple of friends.
I'm always telling my men I see them running their own business some day... all three of them together. I don't know why... I just have this feeling that they will.
So last night... William...out of the blue, while helping to clean the kitchen says...
"Mom, if we three do open a business together someday... Alex is definitely going to have to be the salesman out front, doing all the selling. I'm just not that guy!"
Johnny pipes in... "Mom, I'm going to be the manager and boss every one around!!!"
To all of this I replied... 'William, that was very astute of you to recognize your brothers strengths and your weakness. That's what a good business owner does... puts people with certain strengths in positions that will enhance their God given skills, while doing what is your own calling."
So William said..."So would I be the money guy? The one in the back running numbers and figuring out profits and our margins?"
After I finished choking on my water I said... "Uh yeah... you are 14 and said profits and margins... yep... that's your forte'."
So he said... "Yeah, and Johnny is definitely bossy, so he will be a great delegator"
So Johnny pipes in loudly again "Yeah... Hey William, put these dried dishes away... I'm done washing them! See Mama? I'm only 9 and William is doing it!"
Thank God Will just smiled and did the job.
Proof positive that brain washing works folks!
I don't know what kind of biz they will do.
It just better be legal and something they love!
Oh! And they will all have degree's in their respective positions.
I'm just putting it out there into the Universe is all!
I read the Secret!
Just trying to get all my karmic stuff back to me is all!
Happy Monday!


  1. I am glad that everything went well. I am sorry about the salad but now you don't have to do anything tonight.

  2. Everything was perfect and delicious. It was truely a pleasure to be invited to Alex's Birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are awesome.

  3. Letti... so true! It's done! and yesterday would have been my prep day anyway!

    Tammi... thank you for coming. It was a fun day.

  4. Those moments are so fun, when they let you know they have been listening all along.


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