Thursday, July 3, 2008

We won our first game!

Alex's team won their first game!
Way to go ALL STARS!
Alex pitched almost the entire game.
It was 1-0 them at first, then in one inning, we scored 7 runs!
In that same inning, our team came in thinking the inning was over, and we actually only had 2 outs. I bet that other team was thinking it was the inning that never ended. We had 2 outs, and those kids just kept hitting that ball, and running those bases like nobody's business.
My hubby is the coach... he was on cloud nine well past midnight last night.
He so wants those kids to win!
The other team did end up rallying back but we won 7-5. Whew!
One player, Garrett Byrd, is due for a home run any minute. He hit 2 balls that literally took 3 days to come back to earth! Just a tiny bit more uumph on it and they would have been homers over the fence for sure! He was the only one from both teams to hit the ball that far and hard.
It was a really good nail biter of a game.
We play again this evening... and I hope that home run is hit during bases loaded.
It sure would be nice to win 2 in a row... heck, I'd like to win 'em all!
Greedy much? Me? YEP!


  1. That was a fun game last night. It's nice to win the first one too it's a great confidence booster.

  2. Way to go GT All-Stars!!!!


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