Sunday, May 31, 2009

The end and a beginning...

I am not going to post any more Money Mondays...
I have no new material.
Everyone knows the Economy sucks...
Pinch that penny,
Cook that meal,
Focus on needs and wants can come another time.
"Nuff said.
I liked that series too...but I can't write anymore about it just now.
I just don't have anymore words about it.
I kinda like trivial stuff right now.
Stuff that won't make you think... just might make you chuckle.
I'm going to write about my observations from my weekends.
Yes, I know... I only write about the bad, indecent, quirky or weird things I notice or that happen to me... but really... who wants to read...
"Oh, the sky of lovely, the kids laughed and frolicked all weekend... it was blissful!"
Go to other blogs for that stuff.
I live in the real world.
My kids play sports that make us gallavant all over Southern Calif.
Some places are nice... some... not so nice.
We also frequent our local Drive In, every other weekend.
They will let ANYONE in those gates...
Total blog fodder... I tell you!
We ALWAYS seem to park next to either the incredibly stupid, or the incredibly rude, and sometimes... both!
I have seen more butt crack at the Drive In, than I would at a plumbers convention!
So, no more Money Monday, until I have a "light bulb" moment about it.
Instead, I'll post about the Trainwreck stuff I see on the weekends...
Oh... there is soooo much to tell you!


  1. Your humor is what I wanna see, my lovely :)

  2. Hello there-I love your humor, it gets me going in the mornings!!!
    Just read your snack bar story, too-and more laughing followed. You are doing your job.
    Do you want to laugh?
    I hit my husbands car in the driveway this weekend...for the third time in a year. I would kick my rear end if I could. Oh brother. I am not planning on blogging about it-I already did twice!!!
    Have a happy day...

  3. Can't wait to hear about!

  4. Yeah...I love your 'real' stories! Who cares about money anyway, we can't take it with us. We want the dirt!

  5. We obviously like you... we keep coming back for more. Plus, usually have great stories that keep us laughing. Bring on the trainwrecks!

  6. oh oh more trainwrecks they make me laugh!!!

  7. Bring on the weird, stupid, rude, trivial stuff. I can handle it (I think...)

  8. LOL, I'm hanging here...give us more...anything..really. ;-)

  9. Sounds fun... and excuse my bliss...LOL. We are all about the frolic ;-)


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