Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TrainWreck TV The Bachelorette... She totally made him take the freakin' bus!!!!

Can it get any worse?
Holy high heeled shoe!
Sacha... cutie pie... GOT SENT HOME ON A BUS! No, not a chauffered limo... A FREAKING L.A. METRO BUS!!
What happened! Did Jason make so many people jump ship that the budget had to be readjusted? Yikes!
Ed... completely adorable... said TRAINWRECK tonight! I like him... great teeth, nice hair, low key, well spoken...Yummy yummy.
Foot Fetish Tanner... Oh.. My...Word... he is soooo not out of the closet yet...
Poor dude sooo doesn't know he plays for the other team... I mean... really.
The dude DANCED a jig over FEET! FEET, I TELL YOU!!! FEET!
He literally danced!
Talked about sucking them, tickling them, rubbing them, kissing them...touching them...
Noooo...not her lips... of course... HER FEET!
I mean... what white bread, 6 foot tall, American boy DOESN'T dream of kissing...
And... the kicker? She KEPT him! She gave that lugnut a ROSE!
Someone over at ABC had to have given her money...no way she would have wanted to without an incentive...I want to believe that anyway...Ugh...
Dave is scary now... waaaaay to focused on Juan... who is cute... but also not too sure he knows about his 'different' ness.
Dave is like the Hulk... mild until he gets pissed off, then he goes all ballistic.
He got REALLLLLY mad because Juan 'faked' drinking a tequila shot.
Come on!!! If he only knew how much women fake things! LOL! He'd shoot himself!!!
Kiptyn is hot, hot, hot... his name is not, not, not. Poor guy.
Yeah!!!! Jake got a rose!
Yoooohoooo! Jillian... get a clue!
When you invited him up to your balcony after he sang it once... instead of focusing on you...
"Hi Nashville... I'm Wes... and I wanna be a COUNTRY STAR!"
Every single sentence he speaks starts with... 'You know... my song... or I wrote that song for you..."
Jillian is totally bugging me with this kissing thing.
It's a bit much.
She is still LEANING IN!
She is not the sweet girl she wants to be portrayed as.
She likes the nasty...
Her accent is getting to me just a little.
I don't notice it when I talk to my cousins in Toronto or am there for a while... but something aboot her accent bugs me.
Oh hell... I know what it is!
She has all these hot guys {and one toe licker} that are vying for her attention...
and I'm almost 41!
That's what bugs me!!!
Jillian... just grab Jake, Ed or Kiptyn and marry 'em!
Until next week!
Cake on that chapstick Jillian!


  1. I know what was that about, she sent Sasha home meanwhile she has the freak parade back at the house! Yeah jealous guy Dave, needs attention Dave has got to go!!! So does Toe Sucker guy...I like a good foot massage but I don't want my toes in your mouth. I have to admit I have a friend who ate shrimp from some girls feet at a party once...Lunatic.

  2. I don't know what funnier... the actual trainwreck or your analogy and commentary of the the event.

  3. Tanner & this feet thing??? Totally freaking me out!!!!! Talking about sucking her toes? I want to puke!!!

    Did you see Dave sorta stumble getting the rose - dude was WASTED! Glad Juan finally went out - I wouldnt let him tell me to go back inside like he was my daddy!

    If I hear that stupid country song one more time - I'm going to scream!

    Did you see the previews of Jake next week calling out who has the girlfriend? I LOVE this guy!!!!

  4. As you know i don't watch trainwreck tv but man do i love your commentary

  5. Toe sucker is funny but waaaay creepy.
    Lovin' me some Jake.
    Ed looks like Dead Denny from Grey's Anatomy.
    Dave is scary.
    Jillian needs to get a clue about Wes! He's on my last nerve. Stop freakin' singing that song already!

  6. Yeah the toe sucker is really creeping me out and Dave, well I'm waiting for him to get physical.

  7. Visiting from Mama Kat's

    Dave has turned into an unruly Toddler! And I was loving Robby until he told Juan that he 100% agreed with Dave. WTF?

    Ed is adorable! Love him.

  8. I loved the comment about "if he only knew about how many things women fake." HAhA.

    I love your commentary. TRAINWRECK TV with roid rage! :)

    I'd also love to be in a room with Jillian watching episodes like last nights....she probably feels like such an idiot.

  9. Saundra, I don't even watch this show and I look forward to your post on it. It is always funny. Tell me there really isn't a guy named Kiptyn on it..tell me you made that up.

  10. Tanner the foot boy has to leave and I agree about and Dave has to go because he is just so unstable. I think they're keeping him their for the drama. I never thought this show was really that staged until this year but now I'm starting to think a lot of it is. There's just too much weird stuff going on!

    I used to not like Juan but now I just feel bad for him because they're all ganging up on him. He was pretty rude though. I just don't know. Until next week!


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