Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Vegas Trip

I booked our Timeshare for my birthday weekend in Vegas this year...
I just wanted a lovely place to nap, relax, go out and have fun or just stay in and look at all the lights and hustle and bustle if I wanted to...
So we did... We went to the Fremont Street Experience...
Found William's dream car... The boys ate... get this... deep fried TWINKIES! Gross! I saw Kathy Griffin get one of these with Bette Midler last week on her show... and I just had to have the boys try one. Bill, and William liked it... Alex and Johnny...not so much. I took a small bite... and was not impressed.
Our place has a water park, and we frequented it.
William enjoyed the roof top pool, and the fact that he was considered an "Adult" at the tender age of 15, according to the pool signs...
We ate two meals in our room, that I prepared, and ate dinner out.
Our place is a gorgeous 1100 square foot "room' with a kitchen, HUGE bathroom, master bedroom suite, living room and dining room... we got the boys their own apartment, connected to ours... it was great!
We bought a cool poker chip set, and taught the boys how to play Texas Hold 'em, and Black Jack... as you can see... after they learned... they got really into it, and wore sunglasses so we could't see them bluffing...
When Bill and I go to Vegas alone, we go to a different restaurant every time... this time, we were in the mood for Cheeseburgers... so we went to Cheeseburger... Las Vegas, the Hawaiian specialty.
Alex doesn't think he looks like his Dad... Ha!
It was a great weekend. 4 days really. Bill and I feel a great sense of urgency to spend as much time with the boys as possible.. they are growing up so quickly.
Thank God the boys don't mind hanging out with us yet...not that they have a choice... but it makes it so much nicer when the kids aren't sulking... ya know?
So now we are back, unpacking, getting back to normal life...
Summer enrichment school, football practice, All star baseball practice...
Happy Happy Joy Joy...


  1. Welcome Home, great pics!! You have such a beautiful family and your son is so much like his dad in appearance.

  2. It looks like you all had a great time! I got married in Vegas and I'm hoping than when we return for our 10 year anniversary that the restaurant we had our wedding supper at will still be in business.

    I love just relaxing in Vegas!

  3. What fun. You are such a great mom (and I'm sure dad is pretty cool as well) your boys will probably ALWAYs enjoy hanging out with you.

    LOL at the poker pic. I've been curious about the fried craze... thanks to your pic... I think I'll pass on this fad. :-p

  4. HA! My son says he doesn't look like his dad either & they are nearly mirror images! I need to post a picture of them together, he'll love that...NOT! HA These boys kill me! :P
    Glad you had a good time, looks like fun!

  5. I snagged your button for my sidebar! :)

  6. You all look great and like you are having fun together. What a nice trip. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  7. Glad you guys had a nice trip...you have such a beautiful family Saundra!

  8. looks like a wonderful time. I've never been to vegas and have always wanted to visit.

  9. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time....if you didn't like fried twinkies...try FROZEN twinkies...YUM!
    I can't imagine my boys getting older...enjoy the time you have left before they leave the nest!

  10. Looks like fun!
    As always, it's so nice to
    share in the family fun
    via your blog.

  11. Glad you had a good weekend!!

    Have you tried deep fried OREOS? Those are pretty yum :) and so sinful..:)

  12. You're all so gorgeous :) I'm glad you had a good time, Saundra, and again, happy birthday you big star you :)))

  13. You might be surprised Saundra... your boys might always enjoy hanging with you! I do understand the urgency though. There is a point when they start branching off and doing their own thing.

    Looks as though you had a wonderful trip. And I'm sure you hear this all the time, but your boys are ALL SO HANDSOME!


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