Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is my Birthday! Show me some comment love!

Yep... today is the day EVERYONE has been waiting for... with bated breath, I'm sure!
I am 41 years young today!!!!
I love my birthday...
It's the only day all year, I get all to myself!!! Mine... all... MINE!!!
Last year, Bill threw me a HUGE, wonderful, 125 person, Mama catered, white table linened,
Champagne on every table shindig, at the Sons of Italy, and it was a HUGE
This year... I know he'll just say Happy Bday and ask me where I want to go for dinner.
Not that there's anything wrong with that... Please don't think I require a party every year...
but a prank of some sort... would be cool, maybe something sparkly or really useful like a new laptop would be great... but... alas... I don't think it'll be done...
Except for last year... he hasn't really acknowledged my B day... really.
Sad... yes... but he is such an awesome man... who can begrudge him that one thing... ya know?
He does great for Christmas and Anniversaries... he just doesn't seem to 'get' my Bday happiness.
Whatever! Today is about ME!!!!
I know... I know... when ISN'T my day filled with me... fabulous me!
I kid, I kid... don't get your panties all in a bunch...
So... today... I am 41. I reaaaaaly love the 40's. I don't know why.
I have always love 4's, so maybe that's it.
I am enjoying the clarity of mind and spirit that comes with this age.
I speak my mind more and worry less about who hears or who likes me or who doesn't.
Not that I have ever worried or cared about what others think of me... but... you know...
now I care even LESS! Yahooooo!
I'll let you in on what we are doing in a day or two. AS it unfolds...I want to savor the nothingness of my B day. LOL!
This year, I am going to be sending my Mama Flowers on my Bday... she should be recieving them right about.... now.
The card reads... Thank you for taking such good care of me and for being such a great Mama... without you...I wouldn't be here! Happy GIVING birthday.
When I turn 80, hopefully she will be with us still, and be a fetching 99, I'll send her black roses... for all my aches and pains...LOL . She'd love it.. and laugh till the cows come home!
So... that's my post for today...
I'm 41.
Go ahead... take the day off for this holiday. Tell you boss I said it was okay...
She/He'll understand...
Oh, man! I'd better to change my profile thingy...
Now I'll say 40-ish.
Have a lovely Flag day!


  1. Happy birthday, gorgeous! The 40's are fabulous...I've been in them for 8 years now! LOL...hope yours are amazing!

  2. happy birthday cha cha cha..and many more

  3. Happy Birthday Saundra, I hope you are having fun in Vegas.

  4. Happy Birthday Darling! I hope you get some little surprise that will blow your socks off. Maybe? Here's hoping for you!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I have a grape (purple no less) wine tote bag to send you that was given to me as a gift like forever ago, but I don't drink vino. Please email your address at msakelley at gmail dot com and I will send it to you. I wondered what to do w/this!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope that you had a great relaxing day. What fun when your birthday lands on a weekend!

  7. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! Make it a great something you really want to do :)

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Saundra! I hope you have a very special 'you' day!

  10. Happy Birthday! Just relax and enjoy whatever your family has planned (or not planned) for you. Do what you want! Have fun! Take a nap (my personal fav)!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you enjoy your day.

  12. Oh you are shameless!! I love it!! :)
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  13. Happy Birthday! have fun!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday, you sweet young thing!
    Yes, you are a couple of years younger than me.
    ;-) I also love my forties.Enjoy your day,
    and thank your Mama from us...the world would be a little less bright, and a whole lot more dull without you in it! ((BIG HUGS))


  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love my birthday as well! I hope you get everything you want on your special day!

  17. Happy Birthday a day should be celebrating it all week anyway!! Take care and have a great week! Love ya.

  18. Happy Birthday, young thang!!

  19. Happy, Happy, Belated Birthday.. I am so sorry I didn't stop by yesterday.. If would of known it was your birthday and I could of called off from having to work I would have.. trust me.. hehee.
    I hope you had a terrific day.. Enjoy the 40's they are fantastic.

  20. Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day all to yourself!!!

  21. Happy birthday wild thang! lol, something tellsme you are the sort of wife, mom, friend, daughter who deserves a huge bash every year. Hope you had a wonderful day. :-*

  22. Happy belated birthday...what can I say. I'm behind on my blog reading...hope you had a great one

  23. Happy belated B-day! So you're a Gemini. Now I know where you get that personality from! My daughter's birthday was on the 17th. Never a dull moment when you are with a Gemini!

    41.... just a baby!

    PS. I LOVED my 40's, and I bet you will too!


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