Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Now that I see how soft her feet are..., I can't wait for her to meet my family"

Trainwreck TV took to the Train !!!
Oh... it is gonna get good one of these weeks... I tell ya!
Yes, she is still leaning in all the time...
Yes, she is still wrapping her legs around the men.
On one of the previews, one home date actually put police "caution" tape around the hot tub...
THAT was funny!
Wes, the singer, admitted on National TV he was only there for the exposure, he got to sing his song on air (ad nauseum) and on their hometown date... yipeeee, she gets to meet...
wait for it... wait for it...
Oh! Every girls dream!
No, not his family, not his siblings...
He's a keeper!
And she did... keep him.
"Too perfect" Jake was sent packing... BUT WAIT... there's another... "Deanna" esque episode coming up where he comes back and wants to tell Jillian about Wes.
See how perfect you are... Jakie poo!
I really liked him... but he was a little... toooooo... into her... girls like a challenge...
Oh. My. Goodness... God Bless America...
Foot fetish Tanner.
Let me kiss, hug, suck, lick, stare at, lotion up, massage, groom, pick earwax from my ears, eat my dinner your feet... Tanner.
See my post title?
What does he wanna say...
"Uh... Mama... Daddy... THIS is Jillian... HEY... LOOK AT HER FEET!!! See Daddy... I'm not Gay!!! I like girls!!! Have you seen her feet?"
That poor boy needs to burst out of his closet... and never step near another girl again... unless they are shopping.
He even chose red snow shoes for Jillian, because she was wearing a red shirt... awww....
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... but don't go on a straight show... dude... knock on the closet door... someone will let you out...I promise...
The Kicker???
Someone asked Jillian what she sleeps in... and Tanner took it upon himself to SHOW her what he sleeps in when she asked him... so he STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS ALMOST THONG UNDIES...
Yep... and she did mention how large his "package" was.
THEN!!! THEN!!!! He says this on his confessional interview...
"I'm a quiet, reserved kind of guy... how doesn't like to reveal too much out of the gate" or something of that nature.
Come on!!!!
I like Kiptyn for her... but can't help but wonder if he is the one that "malfunctions" on their one on one date in the 'FANTASY SUITE".
Soooo slutty!!!
You don't sleep with someone on NATIONAL TV!
Your Daddy is watching!
Save your slutty status for private.. Ms. Jillian!
They were all on a train for an interminable amount of time... great scenery... one guy actually got left on the side of the tracks after the date didn't work out so well.
Oh... soooo much Drama for the men and women of the Bachelorette...
What is the world to do?
Until next week...
Jillian... try to keep your clothes on for a few more weeks please...
For your Daddy...


  1. I couldn't believe last night. Foot guys just really gave me the CREEPY's...Glad he is bye-bye.

  2. I didn't see the whole show last night, but did see Jake get left behind on the train tracks! I have been so disappointed so far this season, it is just at an all-time low for me. The show appears to be more and more staged all the time. I'm waiting for it to get good too. But, until then...I will just look forward to your posts every week. They're hysterical!

  3. I have had SO much trouble posting comments for some reason so I am going to try again. Thanks for the preview of this show!!!

  4. I've failed you and not followed the Bachelorette this season. But, I've determined that reading your updates is WAAAAY better! This show is a hot mess!

  5. The show is soooo bad this season. She's weird, and the boys are even more so. Loved the "knock on the door Tanner, someone will let you out" comment. Too funny...and he's a freak, the foot thing is just nuts....and it was disturbing to see his!

  6. You know I don't watch this show...the hubs finds it boring, I just read your reviews and I crack right up! Now I realize I don't need to watch the show, I prefer your recaps!!!

    Now do we really think that anyone other than what's their names, Tristan and Ryan? will go on this show, meet their soul mate and live happily ever after?

  7. Ok, your post reminded me of why I hardly ever watch TV - I can't watch such drivel! But I do acknowlege it as a way to spend time when there is nothing else to do. Except I read a book. *GASP* Yes, I have a honkin big flat screen TV on the wall and I prefer to read. I must be alien.......

  8. Erin... no I don't... read my graphic on top of the post... LOL!

    Pop and Ice... I read about 50 books a year... reading is my favorite... but I need an escape once in a while.. and this series is just the ticket...

  9. I did a drinking game with the episode last night. Thank goodness I was drinking water or I might be dead this morning!

  10. I'm a little embarrassed to say...

    I watched the whole freakin TWO HOURS of that stuff last night!

  11. Your updates are keeping me on task with this show as watching it makes me vomit in my mouth.

    Can't believe creepy foot guy and the singing cowboy are still in the running. I may actually, dear I say it, have to watch this train wreck next week.

  12. I love these write-ups you do about trainwreck tv. I save hours of my life by letting you and Mama Kat do all the footwork and then read about it the next day.


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