Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette... TRAINWRECK TV at it's finest...

Wow... what D.R.A.M.A.on TRAINWRECK TV this week....
This week is was the time they all got to go home and have Jillian visit the boys in their hometowns and meet the future Monsters In Law.
Kiptyn's Mama had just a weeee bit too much Botox the day before... she couldn't "emote" as well as she probably could have in a few weeks. No one with a 30 year old son has THAT translucent of skin... I mean... really... we all have HD TV's now... we can SEE the needle holes now...
Their home was incredible though. I love San Diego.
Reid's family all just stopped... when Jillian and Reid kissed on the sofa... and called him out on it.
I loved Michaels family... and he is an identical twin... but... that Jillian... she's a perceptive one... she figured it right out when... gasp... the boys did the ol' switcheroo...
Who would have guessed twins could trade places!!!
THEY SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE WITH THAT PREMISE!!! Maybe they could all it...
"The Parent Trap!"
I'm gonna make millions on that ORIGINAL idea!!!!
He was really heartbroken when he was dumped... and I really felt for him... he was adorable... just too young... no one needs to be married at 25...
Wes... Wes... Wes...
"I don't lie well"... HA!!!
We know you are lying because we see your lips moving!!!
Of course, we had to hear his lame song again...
She got to meet his entire band, while they got TV time...
I hope Wes sells at least... oh... 5 CD's... that's it.
He's lame.
I hope he is the one that have a dysfunctional "appendage" when it's time for the "Fantasy Suites"...
JAKE came back and told Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend... all this drama ensued... the boys confronted one another... (Jake was kicked off last week, but came back to tell Jillian)
Wes... somehow... I didn't get it at all... sweet talked his way into Jillian good graces, and took her to meet is sisters and Mama's.
She is DUMB!!! She gave that loser a rose again!
He is sooo using her.
Someone needs to wake her up.
After the confrontation... Jake bent over a balcony and cried... Ala Jason style. It's becoming a normal thing now..
Man up... guys! This Metro Sexual thing is old!!!
Ed came back too.
Boy he is cute.
He left a couple of weeks ago because his boss threatened him he'd lose his job.
But he came back, and he asked for another chance and she gave it to him.
Even though I think Kiptyn is a shoe in... Ed is a really close second.
Next week they head to Spain.
Hopefully she will leave Wes there... maybe he can sweet talk the Spanish Senoritas and leave America alone. His song is lame. He sound like just the run of the mill country singer... nothing spectacular.
Can you tell I can't stand him?
So...Jillian is as annoying as ever...
We are a few steps closer to seeing who will dump her after a few short weeks of real life...
Oh... the anticipation is killing me!
Hey...My Melissa, from last season... got engaged!


  1. I was cringing when she kept Wes. ABC is probably whispering in her ear that she needs to keep him for ratings.

  2. I was yelling "You stupid bitch!" to my TV when she agreed to go see his family! Of course it took her 15 minutes to get up the balls to even hint that he might have something to tell her. I'd have had his sorry ass on the floor with my foot on his chest saying "So, Laurel???"

    I think it's Kiptyn and Ed at the end. No clue who she'd choose though.

  3. ugh...this show is a disaster. Wes needs to go and I don't even watch this.

  4. I see a trend that everyone hates WES. Thank the Lord!

    I also have to say that your boys are the cutest!

    And I love Pampered Chef- it is taking over my kitchen! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Melissa's engaged!?! Now that's some exciting news right there. :) I wonder who her fiance is...

  6. Ah, the trashy drama of reality TV. I love it. And, I read People, and I got to TMZ.com sometimes, and I'm a shameless celebrity stalker. Everyone has a skill, this is mine:). Thanks for stopping by today!

  7. I haven't watched this show......but what kind of name is Kiptyn??

  8. I find her excruciatingly squeaky and I scream when she squeaks.

    Wes doesn't even look remotely believable nor does he look like he has the slightest bit of interest in her.

  9. Hahaha, I'm laughing my butt off now. I wasn't last night though! The whole jerk-Wes/idiot-Jillian thing that was going on was making me mad.

  10. I'm pulling for Ed all the way now! I don't know how much more of Wes I can handle. Or Jillian for that matter!

  11. Thank goodness I don't really like country music. It will make it easier to not buy Wes's CD if it comes out. Doesn't he realize his jerkiness on is going to affect his CD sales...stupid.


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