Monday, June 29, 2009

What kind of a driving companion am I??

I am pretty specific when I go on long car trips... which is precisely why I don't enjoy long car trips with other humans along for the ride...
I love to drive... have I told you?
The music has to be just so...
When I used to be able to plan my weekends out, and have my destination, I used to head on over to the Wherehouse or Sam Goody and buy myself a new Cassette... YES... I just said Cassette tape.
If I was driving a convertible or T -top at the time... they would be down or off..
Sunglasses on...
Seat in perfect position
Hair pulled into a cute, and functional ponytail,
tape in slot...
seatbelt on..
And off I would go...
to San Diego. the beach, or to San Francisco...
A blissful drive to where I was going...
Okay... I was all of 16-19 years old... so I could do that...
but it was blissful.
When I am with another person or people... I feel the need to talk incessantly.
The radio or cd player (yes, I've progressed since my teen days) don't get turned on
unless the others want to sleep while I drive. Then I need the radio for company... but I'm nice... I turn it down low.
I don't usually sing when others are present... but when I'm alone...
watch out... I'm in CONCERT!
I drum, hold my mic, bob my head... over accentuate every lyric... and have a ball.
My boys HATE IT when I do that when they are in the car...
I do it... simply... because I know they hate it...
Call it payback, call it being clueless... whatever...
But when "When Doves Cry" comes on.. they GROAN with pain...
Ahhhh... motherly bliss.
I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER turn my head to talk to my car companions when I drive.
I have full blown convo's staring straight at the road the entire time.
When I am in the car with someone that looks at me while they talk,
I make a mental note to... A). bring a crash helmet next time I ride with them,
B). offer to drive the next time... or C). never get into a car with them again.
This is so sad... but when I need lipstick or my ear bud... I ask my kids to get it for me...
My poor sons know which lipstick I wear, unlid it, and turn it for me to apply...
All so I won't have to take my eyes off the road. I spent one morning on the way to school to show them all how to do it. You should have SEEN the eyerolls and whines I got.. LOL!
My sons are real men.. my daughters in law will hopefully worship me one day.
I hate game noises in the car... so I must have the games on mute.
I know...I am soooo mean... sue me.
We have an entertainment system in the car... that we never use...but the boys ruined so many movies by just leaving them on the floor of the car then stepping on them, I've banned the use.
They were younger then.. maybe I'll reinstate it.
I would much rather have them looking out at the scenery and asking questions though.
I am neither easy to live with nor easy to drive with apparently.
I am a horrible backseat driver to my poor hubby.
He can do no right when I am in the passenger seat.
I have learned in 20 years with him... that I just need to make sure I am soooo tired and sleepy that I just close my eyes so he can drive in peace. I usually beg him to drive.
He usually says no...
He doesn't like it when he is the passenger... he doesn't want to look like a 'wimp'.
What. ever.!!!!


  1. Love the one about how you've got your boys trained to get the lipstick and have it ready to apply for you... Yes, you are doing a darn tootin' good job raising those guys!

  2. You make me smile. Your daughters in law are so going to thank you its true.

    I used to like driving but not so much anymore. Although your days of pony tails and cassettes sure resonated with me!

    Hope you get to go on a long road trip one of these days - what fun would that be!

  3. You crack me up! We are TOO TOO TOO much alike! I am the same way on all of those except for keeping my eyes on the road at ALL times! Oops! The rest though are me too! It is so funny to me that when the boys friends' get in the car they ask to watch the TVs and the boys say, "We only get to watch the TVs when we go on vacations and long long long drives!" My kids watch enough TV and they will live by not watching it everytime they get in the car. Plus I feel if they watch it everytime then they won't care about it and get bored when we do go on a long trip! Hey at least you weren't talking about 8tracks!!!


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