Friday, June 26, 2009

Photo Tagged

Okay, so I lied a little... I was tagged and I can do photo tags... they are easy.
Thanks Jam!
6th picture... 6th folder
My nieces and nephew and my boys... waaaay back in 2004.
Yes, I used to dress them the same...Sue me.
10th folder, 10 picture...
Johnathon turning 6 at Chuck E. Sneeze!
I swear... every illness in childhood can be traced back to those horrible places...
I am sooo glad my kids are out of that phase.


  1. How fun is that! Loved the pictures!
    Yikes! we do not like germs!!!

    Have a Lovely Weekend!

  2. You cheat :))) Nice to see you though :)

  3. awwww. they are adorable. My sister and brother and I all love to get at least ONE shot a year. Doesn't always work out- especially now that they are older.

    damn that father time.

  4. LOL... I can't stand C.E.C. and I was never fond of the "playground" at McD's either. It's like a germ infested stew pot!

    Cute pics though!

  5. Great pics.... and you are right on with Chuck E Cheese or any "community" playground type of place.... I swear they must never get cleaned or sanitized....ever!!!

  6. I always think it's cute when the little ones are all dressed alike. Especially during a holiday!

    Ugh... Chuck E Sneeze! That's too funny. My sister just asked me yesterday if I wanted to go with her to take her four year old twins there this week. Umm... NO.

    Thanks for playing along.


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