Friday, June 19, 2009

Snack Bar Stories.... they continue...

Hey... Guess what! My Snack Bar days are not yet over!
We are hosting Girls Softball at our little one field park.
Ya- to the freakin' hoo!
So much for a real summer vacation or going to the beach to camp... oh well.
William has a boat load of football anyway.
Alex and William made All Stars for Baseball...
I vow... I will not miss a game this time around...
No sireee bob.
Snack bar or not... I'm gonna be at those games...
I will have sooo much more fodder from hosting All Star games...
Let me tell you!
These people are usually crazed.
It's like the parents lose all self control, and take it all sooo seriously.
It makes me want to scream...
"People!!!! There are no college scouts at the games! Do you really want your kid to peak at 12? Chill out! It's just Little League!!!"
It is really sad to see all the parents that live vicariously through their kids.
Yelling at them, scolding them about getting out, or not hitting for the fence.
Stomping their feet, cussing, getting into fights...
2 years ago, I read about a guy that SHOT a coach while in line for the Snack Bar because the coach didn't play his kid a whole game.
THAT kind of activity... I DO NOT need at my Snack Bar... thank you very much.
I couldn't STAND Williams High School coach this year, but I settled for dirty looks and ignoring him...he wasn't worth the effort to talk to him. He was just a dirtbag... plain and simple.
So yeah... a few more weeks of Snack Bar Stories are on their way.
This should be vveeerrry interesting.


  1. Hmmmm.....nothing could get me to volunteer for school stuff during the summer. You are a brave one!

  2. Cheers to the girls softball team, cos they're bringin' in your snack bar stories...yay!! :))

  3. Some parents take it so seriously, it is downright Scary and pyschologically Wierd.
    I start cooking for swim team snack bar soon, but I have sharp knives in case anyone gets outta line! I can't deal with the
    window, stay back next to the nacho cheese where it's safe from the whackos!
    I hope your package gets there this week. Thanks.

  4. Yikes! I hope you don't miss the boys games.
    Can't wait to hear what those crazies get up to.

  5. Sandra, I'm so excited to hear that you will have some more snack shack stories. They are always good for a chuckle.

    Were you able to get the comment link on my blog to work? It is hard to see your comment link; it doesn't show up well on your blue background.

    Peace, love and snacks

  6. YAY! Well for your readers anyway.

  7. It is seriously sad to see parents so wrapped up in their kids athletic endeavors. I'm not like that at all.......but that is because I am way better than my kids ever will be. Just kidding. :)

  8. Oh the sacrifices you make for us...
    Thank you Saundra... Thank you!

  9. Bless your snack bar runnin' heart!
    Big 'Hoorays' for your boys on making All-Stars! :)

  10. Yeah...long live the snack bar stories!

    I agree with you on those crazy parents, just settle down and enjoy maybe your kids can too!

  11. ♥♥♥COOL! I CAN'T WAIT♥♥♥

  12. Yippeee, more snack bar stories!!! I love to hear all about them, as I see it up close during baseball season for my boy!!!


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