Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I'm too Perfect...It's my curse in life..."

Oh dear... oh my... oh lordy, lordy...
Say what?
Did my ears and eyes decieve me?
Could it really be true?
COULD someone be on The Bachelorette...merely to PROMOTE their career or just get
some TV face time????
Say it isn't so!!!!
Might some of those hot guys ACTUALLY have a girlfriend back home...
Last night didn't disappoint...
I can't say I WATCHED the program, but I did hear it.
I glanced up from time to time from baking cookies for another catering job, to see what Jillian was doing with her lips this week, but other than that... the only part I really watched was
the part when the Not-out-of-the-closet-yet Tanner, Foot Fetish Guy, was telling Jillian that "some guys weren't here for the right reasons."
Oh yeah.. like wanting to suck, kiss and caress her FEET was a valid enough reason!!!
She let I'm-gonna-hit-someone- Dave (not Mike... thanks Jo!) and I'm-a-total-Mama's-boy-Juan go.
Dave was extremely disrespectful, foul mouthed and just dirty before it was okay.. with Jillian.
and Juan... well... Juan was more of a woman than Jillian was...too soft... too, too...sensitive.
I love me a manly man, any day of the week.
Jillian actually said "I'm not that girl" when Dave told her he had never been turned down for a kiss before, (she turned her cheek when he went for it) too funny, and he commented on how she had kissed every other guy in the house, and she denied it.
That girl leaned in and expected and made the first move on more of those guys than any other girl on the show...
Just a tad bit slutty for me.
I remember the hot tub scene with Jason the jackass.
Her Daddy must be sooo proud!
Can you imagine?
I still love Jake for her.
And Ed.
Wes can kiss my happy butt... he's a fame seeker.
Kiptyn is absolutely adorable...his name is growing on me... cuz he is soooo cool.
He's actually my number 1 pick for her so far...
Jake fell down a notch with the "too perfect" analogy he and Jillian focused on.
Who SAYS this sentence on national TV?
"I've been called "too perfect" my whole life."
Really buddy?
Let's see you walk on water or turn water to wine...
Come on...
Bring it, if you are gonna say crap like that! LOL!
Sooo, true love and all the spoils of it are well on their way to another Trainwreck...
I wonder what Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison have up their sleeve for this rendition of
"I love you endlessly... hey! Look at that hot girl over there!!! See ya!"
Maybe there's a firing squad at the final rose ceremony...
and Chris announces something like...
"On the next Bachelorette...Jillian loves two men... but can't stand to let anyone else have the one she doesn't choose... stay tuned next week, when Jillian orders a Firing Squad to gun down the Bachelor she can't be with, but also can't stand to lose, but also can't stand to see with anyone else...... On the next... Bachelorette!"
Maybe Chris will make them each tattoo themselves with her picture and the one she doesn't choose... she has to remove it on camera...
They televised Jason dumping my Melissa... they'll do anything for numbers.


  1. Ok, I'll admit that I haven't watched this show forever but I have been watching it this season. Last night I was struck by how EVERY week she tells the guy she lets go that it is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Should we feel sorry for her that every week she has to endure the next hardest thing?

    I agree with you Saundra...she is a tad slutty this season. It's a bit offputting actually but these guys seem to just eat is up. I think she needs one of the nicer ones to tone her down a bit...apparently Jason breaking her heart last year didn't do it!

    Kiptyn is my favorite so far, but I do also really like Ed, he is growing on me.

  2. I don't like the Bachelorette version...the
    Bachelor ones are far more interesting..all those gals fighting with their "frienemies"
    over some guy..the dynamics are always entertaining..guys are not as interesting.lol

  3. I don't watch this insane show, but I love your commentary.

  4. Sorry, I don't watch reality shows, but I like the new summer flip-flop theme on your blog!

  5. I HATED David (you called him Mike) who says cheese ass?! I was so glad that a) he didn't get massive focus b) he got SHOT down (and I totally agree on your 'not that girl' commentary) and c) that his cheese-ass got the boot! And how soaked was Footie-Fool during the inquision? Haha Stop Looking at Me Juan! I just had Adam Sandlers voice in my head...

    Oh man trainwreck is coming full speed ahead. Maybe in order to save the franchise they will have the wedding for the lucky couple as the "after the rose" show. Chris can officiate.

    Oye next week can't come soon enough. BTW Loving the new background! Gives your words an extra punch! :)

  6. I feel SO caught up now!!! Thank you. :)

  7. Holy crap 4 days I couldn't get on your blog... and kept forgetting to tell you. Damn I miss you!!!


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