Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writers Workshop with MamaKat

I loved all the prompts this week...
I'm starting with 'interview a child"
So, I'm interviewing my oldest...
William, 15. Beautiful, sometimes stoic, always lights up a room with his smile, when he smiles, incredibly intelligent, transforming into a man right before my eyes... everyday.
Q. What if your favorite thing about being out of school for the summer?
A. Not having to wake up early... being able to sleep in.
Q.What do you want to do with your life after college?
A. I don't know.
Q. Do you love your Mama more than anything in the entire universe?
A. Yes... You cook and clean for me and you love me more than anything.
Q. Is your Mama a good Mama? (come on.. you knew it would be all about me...)
A. (the wiseasses answer was...) "Possibly" as he scratched his chin and made like he had a beard.
I'll re- ask the question...
(laughter ensures)
He emphatically replies with a loud. "YES".
Q. What is your favorite restaurant?
A. Chili's ( we are so worldly... huh?)
Q.What does the perfect day look like to you?
A. Wake up at 2 p.m.
Eat a beautiful meal prepared by my WONDERFUL Mama, (he laughs) then drive a Nascar,
then have dinner in Rome in a Pizza parlor near the Coliseum again.
Q. What has been your favorite vacation so far?
A. Our trip to Italy in 2006.
Where would you like to go in the future on vacation?
A. Hawaii
How much do you love your Mama... again?
A. Ha ha! A lot! (big smile)
I have soooo much more brainwashing to do... Soooo much more!
Now... write a help wanted ad...
Wanted: someone to get rid of cobwebs the second they appear... squash spiders,
make me laugh at any given moment...leave all your dirty laundry all over the house on a daily basis, eat me out of house and home, cost me thousands and thousands of dollars a year in tuition, need me to go shopping for something at midnight because you NEED it in the morning... or else... asks me for money every day, roll your eyes at me, kiss my cheek then give it a huge lick and laugh till you pee your pants, write me the most adorable handmade notes all the time and post them right where I'll see them, make me worry all the time, ask me if I love you more than my luggage, tell me how sexy YOU are, ask me what is for dinner at 8 A.M. everyday,
stomp your foot and say "What!" when I ask you to set the table, text 6,000 texts a month
and a whole host of other things that I KNOW
I AM GOING TO MISS TERRIBLY and just realized that you three are GROWING UP ENTIRELY TOOOO FAST!
I need my three men to be babies again. Now. I'm waiting.
I see long hairy legs, mustaches, chest hair, MY BABY SHAVING almost everyday now.
I hear them talking about girls in hushed tones in their rooms.
I see them follow a cute girl with their eyes.
I see them taking a lot more time getting ready to go out now.
Deodorant has become a hot commodity in my house. So has hair gel.
Empty nest if gonna kill me.
I'm gonna be like that Mama on "Everybody Loves Raymond".
Oy vay... I sure they all my boys marry orphans.
Or, at least, marry girls whose parents live in... Siberia, or something, and are 95 and ready to kick that ole' bucket.
I find myself staring at my men while they are doing... almost anything... trying to burn them into my mind. I cry, everytime I think about them leaving my house for good.
Maybe we'll move to Italy and have them live with us forever. It's all the rage there.
The boys always stay very close to the Mama's in Italy.
Yep... that's it...
We move to Italy in 8 years.


  1. Visiting from Mama Kats. I love your interview, a man of few words yes!! And a teenager, my son is 6 and I can't even imagine what he will be like. Probably towering over me in height!! Loved reading your post. Take Care Michelle

  2. Oh dear. I'll start praying for you now. Not the mama on Everybody Loves Raymond, LOL! Oh mamamia...

  3. Saundra, you are hilarious :)))

  4. I was this () close to an empty nest once. But God laughed, and gave me my son. He's the light of my life and the bane of my existence!

    He's almost 14, and wants to shave. Like your son, he follows girls with his eyes. I know he is becoming a man. I just wonder if he'll ever leave? lol

  5. Oh my-the teen years.
    Your son seems so well adjusted by his answers-the point being, he answered!!! LOL
    It was good to get caught up on your blog-you always make me laugh.
    You have my blessing to move to long as you can blog from there!

  6. After living the daughter teenage years with my girls (still!) it's comforting to know what the son teenager years will be like. Wait, it's the same! Although, Frankie does display more love and emotion towards me than the girls do! And the girls are so much better at puppy-eye-please-daddy! LOL! We are all suckers, aren't we? :D

  7. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    I can't wait for the "sleeping in" part ... my son still things "the fun begins early." And what a lovely and touching way to mourn the loss of your babies!! And how funny that you want them to marry orphans! No mama competition for you!

  8. Cute post, your boys and hubby are blessed.

  9. Aww, I hope you get to move back to Italy and keep them forever! I have a feeling I will feel the same way when my boys get to that age!! And if I ever want to strangle them and kick them out I'll come to you as to how to handle it! So leave a forwarding email in Italy so I can reach you! =)

  10. That's a great post...and of course he loves Mama, what's not to love?

    Have a beautiful weekend Saundra..I'm off on a 4-day church retreat!

  11. Love the I mean interview!! That's ok I have a LOT of brainwashing to do too!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE The want ad and I think I'll move to Italy too....mainly because I love it since I am unsure at this stage if I want them to live with me FOREVER!!! HA!

  12. Even after you've let go and they are moved out, they still tug at the heart strings.....all the way from Houston.

  13. What a great interview. My favorite answer was what his perfect day looked like.

    I'm so trying to get used to this whole "little boy" turning into "a man" thing going on with my 12 (almost 13) year old. You (and your boys) are helping me!

    Have I said thank you yet?


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