Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snack Bar Stories...

All of your comments have helped me decide to give the Snack Shack another go next year... as long as a few criteria are met... so Thank you.. I think... I'll let you know... next year.
Below... are some pictures of the demolition taking place, by our wonderful, caring, thoughtful, officials of our school district and city officials...
They had the brilliant idea to begin demolition... DURING BASEBALL SEASON!...
Aren't they sweet?
This is what we see when we look out the snack bar window.. nice huh?
That used to be a lovely, green baseball diamond, with gorgeous trees.

Alex.. looking absolutely thrilled to be there... as usual...

Johnny... happy to be anywhere! Another gorgeous view of the fields we were using just a few short weeks ago... Ahhh... bureaucracy... ya gotta love it! *** This week brought more melancholy of a season coming to an end... I am gonna miss my girls... they are a joy to work with... *** Next week is the end, so I am not buying anymore more food, and we are trying to sell what we have... so it's fun trying to explain to people that we don't have items they want. I even put a couple of signs up, thanking them for a great season, and to decrease waste, we will be selling only what we have left... Some people just don't understand. I smile and explain, and when another attempt doesn't help, I just point to my note.. and some parents say things like... "Oh, I don't want to take the time to read that... I want a snickers bar... and you can't give me one... so you aren't doing your job..." Lovely. I just say its the end of the season, and I don't want the excess food to go to waste... blah, blah, blah... What I WANT TO DO AND SAY IS... "Listen here Missy... (While grabbing her collar around her neck) do you realize how much time and energy it takes to purchase and fill this hell hole with food for you and your family? Wanna see nacho cheese up close and personal? (Then I proceed to bang her head against my Nacho Machine, and make her drink a gallon of oozing cheese)" But no... I just smile and tell her I'm just trying to reduce waste... She walks away without her precious Snickers bar. Hag. *** The brat child hasn't returned on my watch.. Thank the good Lord above... *** I did have one man pay me a dollar in pennies for Licorice. That was fun. He INSISTED on counting out the pennies... I just told him I trusted him and was going to push the pennies into my till, but no... He needed to count them. Fun. *** We had a lightening storm yesterday, and my entire Snack Shack was without power for a few hours.. it seems. Sooo. this week... my worry of waste is needless... LOTS of waste will be thrown away... Thank you Mother Nature... You are a real tree hugger of a lady... *** The drug dealers down the street's turn to work the snack bar was upon us... and guess who was working that Snack Shack that night! Yep! Lucky me! Their coach informed me that it was their night to work.. and I emphatically said "No!" I gladly paid the $2o bucks out of my own wallet, so they wouldn't have to be within 50 feet of me... just like my restraining order says... They claimed... "We can't afford to pay someone... but we can't be near her or the family..." Duh!!! That is so funny though... None of them have jobs... but they all seem to have enough money to buy cigarettes, big, HUGE screen TV's, gas, ear splitting car stereos, motorcycles, tattoos, earrings, and piercings and about 12 dogs and 5 cats.... but they can't afford $20 for a good student and sweet girl to work the Snack Bar? Hmmmm.... Business must be slow... As soon as there is money in being derelicts, unshaven, unwashed, uncool and slovenly, they will be millionaires. The 15 year old quit school last year... the parents must be so proud. Soon, they'll all be sharing the family tooth. Ugh.. I'm so done with them. It has been quiet there lately... calm before the storm... I'm sure... they've done it before. Okay, I'm done... they've taken up too much space on my blog as it is... *** So... that's it this week... Next week brings more fodder... Until then...


  1. "Soon, they'll all be sharing the family tooth."

    ROTFLMBO!!!! Stinkin funniest thing I have read all year right there!

    And might I add, without sounding like a twisted old lady, your boys are Beeyooteefull!!! Like I say to my son... If I weren't already married... ;-)

  2. They should be thankful! They have a snackbar! We don't have a snackbar at baseball. I would love one but there is only one and that is the diamond we do not play at and it is never open on weeknights. So we have to go to Tim Horton's pre game and get our coffee, or the convenience store for our Mars would appreciate you big time!

  3. ((hugs)) A season well played My Dear!!
    I would have been thinaking you for not having that snickers least after reading the note. ;-)

  4. I will miss the snack stories, but I too am looking forward to the end of our own snack shop dramas. Last week my two parents were in there alone and no one from the other team sent any parents over to help. I told our coach and he told their coach and then the crazy woman "running" our bar calls me and says I misunderstood her and that I need to have 6 volunteers for each of our home games to run and organize the entire shack. Come again? Since when did this change? and getting two volunteers is so easy it should be cake to get six. LOL Thank god we only have one more home game!

  5. OMG!!!
    Sharing the family tooth... ROFL.
    This is so funny, I'm speechless.
    (shocker, huh?)

  6. I seriously don't know how you do it! I just would not be able to put up with all those nasty comments without giving one in return. I'm sure you can guess how it would go down if that happened here in yorkers certainly don't hold back and nobody would be surprised to hear them talk back...other people would probably cheer them on for putting the idiot in their place. You must be so glad the end of the season is here!

  7. I love the unexpected thoughts you have while you're doing the expected :)

  8. You are so funny and its that attitude that lets you deal with the idiots in this world. I really enjoy your snackbar stories! More please.

  9. Oh how funny! Are they tearing down all the fields? I hope not. Can't wait for next week's season finale. :)

  10. Yes, how sad no one understands the concept of not wanting to waste anymore...

  11. That sod rolled up looks like a cake roll. I need to go eat something. Damn it, Saundra!!!


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