Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordful Wednesday...

Work, Work, Work... but they loved it!
My cousin, Joe, and my two oldest...
I loved this balloon sculpture...
Johnny stirring the pasta... the pot was big enough for him to climb into and take a bath if needed!!!
Ready to serve!

This is where we spent our entire Sunday... at a beautifully decorated Sons of Italy hall...
Cooking Mushrooms and wine... for Chicken Marsala... Making trays, and trays, and trays of food... Roasted Red peppers... Mmmm... Cannoli's... Shells hand made by my Zia and cousins, filling made by my Mama and me... Salad course... Chafing dishes ready for our food...
Miles of trays of my Mama's homemade Italian cookies...
More trays...
The night before... on my island... all the bruschetta bread ready for the next day...


  1. All I know is that I want to go to your house for dinner!! LOL!

    Happy WW!

  2. I agree with Alicia! It all looks absolutely wonderful - when can I come?! By the way, I love all the snapshots of you on your banner. You are doing a very good job of getting over exactly my idea of Una Mamma Italiana!! Wonderful!

  3. Oh my word... every bit of that looks fantastic... I'm such a mushroom person - I could take a spoon & just chow down on those!!! And all that bread???? I'd be in heaven with all of that food!!!

  4. OMG - How I wish I could've snuck into THAT party!

    Love your blog with the older sons - I have some too!

  5. Is it bad that I'm drooling on my keyboard? Wow, that all looks amazing!

  6. Yummy. Looks delicious. How many people did you serve? Love your new blog design too!

  7. It all looks SO delicious! I've never had homemade Italian cookies, we just walk a few blocks over to Mona Lisa and that's the closest I've mouth is watering after looking at all that yummy food!

  8. Next time, don't forget to call me!


  9. I'm hungry. Hey Saundra, tomorrow (Thursday) we're heading into Calcutta to have a check up at the hospital; we're staying near the hospital in the Hyatt, which has one el supremo Italian restaurant...I'll be there, i'm looking forward to eating my favorite cuisine, and i'll be thinking of you my love :)

  10. YUM!!! Look at all the food... and what handsome helpers you had.

    Hey you won a little something... come see! :-)

  11. That all looks so amazing! When's dinner? LOL!

  12. *runs off to get Italian food*


    my ww's:

  13. My family is all Italian and it all looks really good to me. Oh by the way your boys are very handsome, I got a couple of girls we could match them up with. lol

  14. OMG! I love cannoli's! It's so hard to find good ones here in Texas. I'm hungry.

  15. Ok-Before I met my Darling Hubby, I dated an Italian for five years. (I always thank God for 'unanswered prayers' that I didn't marry him-but his family!!! Oh, do I miss them and his mom who was one of 11 Itallian children to 'Nonna')
    Your pictures made me sooo hungry, and miss the darling family I have so many good memories with. There is NOTHING like an Itallian family-so much love, fun, so much!!!

  16. I'm not sure if you're into meme's but I tagged you for one over at my blog if you're interested.

  17. Ok what in the world was all of that for other than to make me entirely green with envy and as hungry as a horse!! That looks so good!


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