Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael and Farrah... gone...

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett... gone...
In one day.
Two American Icons.
Both so young.
This is one sad day...


  1. I HAD to get on my computer this evening! A few of our neighbor's that have T.V. at the cottages came to tell me that M.J. died and so did Farrah.
    Wow. I was never a fan of M.J. or Farrah-but this is so sad. Farrah fought a brave fight with cancer, and I was quite impressed with her in her last days.
    M.J. not a fan of his life, but I feel so bad that someone's parent died. His kids are still so young-and this is a sad day for them.

  2. I never would have thought that he would die before Liz Taylor; wow. Surprising. Farrah fough long and hard and deserves to rest peacefully now.

    Both of them were much too young

  3. I can hardly believe it! I knew about Farrah, but my daughter told me about Michael this afternoon. I was shocked! I had to rush home and make a post about it too.

  4. I was shocked that shortly after hearing about Farrah, word was spreading about Michael.

    A very sad day.

  5. Farrah was half expected but MJ was a shock. It is a sad day.

  6. So so true! I watched a Farrah documentary last night that was really good! I am giving you an award later! come by and get it!


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