Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

6th grade promotion Friday June 5th... This child wouldn't wear a tie...
OOps... I never get this hotmail stuff right... At our game last night... Alex playing 1st base.
And doing a fine job of it too. After Promotion, at Chili's... our tradition of lunching out after school's out.
Why does Johnny look so happy? Because Miss Teen California 2009 was his Teacher's Asst. this year, and he informed me she was "hot"! He giggled and danced when she was signing his yearbook...he couldn't contain his happiness.
Alex and his Teacher... Mrs. Nicholls.
Accepting his "charge"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wonder what is so bad about wearing a tie? I can't get my guys to wear ties at all! He looks handsome anyway. :0)

  2. Congrats that is such an accomplishment of a milestone. :) Have a great Wednesday.

  3. He carries himself as if he is wearing mature looking all of your young men!
    Enjoy summer break!

  4. CONGRATS!! HE is so HANDSOME he does NOT need a tie {wink}!!!
    You have a Beautiful FAMILY!!!
    HAPPY WW!!!

  5. Congrats!! and yay for the TA!! hahahaha!

    my WW:

  6. Your boys are so handsome! If I wasnt married and 20 years older........

    Just kidding!


  7. You've got some handsome boys there mama!!

  8. Such a handsome family! You are a lucky Mom!

  9. Congratulations to your son for moving on up! And I love that you all have a tradition of going to the same place to eat after school gets out!

    Speaking of eating......we ate at Frankies. Mmmm....Mmmm...GOOD!

  10. Wow...what handsome men you have in your life! I love your blog, Saundra.


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