Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MamaKat's Writers Workshop July 2009

Oh..they were doozies of prompts today...

Sooo exciting! I'm going to write on 4 out of the 5... so get ready...


1. Mother's Guilt... tell us what happened...

Well.. to be perfectly honest... I don't have any Mother's Guilt. I have been present and involved with each and every tiny second of my kids days and nights for the last 15 years, and frankly... I'm exhausted. A "Job" actually looks good to me sometimes. I don't suffer from guilt. Am I supposed to? I'm a really "no nonsense" Mama, and I am always telling my kids that this is my first go around as a Mama, and I'm gonna make mistakes... lots of them. I don't worry about whether they have all the newest technology, toys, things... what have you.

They are getting an excellent education from prestigious private schools, we live in a modest home, they have traveled the world with us, they are constantly being disciplined, talked to, mentored, scolded, hugged, loved on, and are in any and every sport they wish to play... but I say "No" an awful lot... and I will never apologize for it. I don't like or enjoy being around spoiled, entitled kids, so I am trying not to create them. There are no "Jones'" I will ever feel I need to keep up with. So yeah... guilt... none found here... sorry.


Write 5 incredibly short books...

(Dan says..."The point is that the book is of zero size since the title is a contradiction with reality")

Okay... here's goes my titles...

"My Life as a Man"

"The Smartest People in Politics"

"The Joy of Cancer"

"Nazi's... sweet and cuddly people that they are"

Okay... so I only came up with 4. Sue me.


I'll be happy when______.

My answer to that is simple... I'll be happy NOW!

I just choose it... can't wait for it to happen... just be happy now.


Show us something you made!

I just finished this blanket for Septembers chilly Football games that my son will be playing...

He's gonna be a Sophmore and he'll be playing Varsity, and I wanted to make a blanket of this school colors so we can show our support... Go Eagles!!!

I just need to put a border or fringe around the outside... and then put it away... it's 100 degrees outside!!!

The date is wrong... my battery fell out...


  1. I could sure take a leaf out of your book regarding the mother guilt. You are a strong wonderful mother. Love the book titles there and the hints of sarcasm lol.

  2. Big hugs! Great post. You are a good mommy.

  3. great post it was so cute visiting from mama kat

  4. Enjoyed your prompts. Loved the book titles. I chose two prompts over at my blogs. Nothing too creative for me, I am not that great of a writer. I do have guilt though. I call it "SAHM's guilt". If I buy something for myself I feel guilty. If do something wrong and the MIL or my mom criticizes me, I am consumed with guilt. I am also the eldest child and I have read that guilt is something we deal with the most as a first born. I love your header and I am following you now. Great blog. Have a wonderful day and take care.

  5. LOVE that blanket!!!! The color scheme looks fantatic the way its laid out!

  6. Stopping by from Mama Kats. Love the blanket! I'm so jealous of crafty people. And I thank you about the mama guilt...

  7. Love the blanket, your shortest books, and your parenting philosophy. You Rock!!!

  8. I found your blog while blog hopping this morning. Fun read! I'll be back.

  9. LOVE the blanket! That is really great!
    And I love the book "The Joy of Cancer" I can't wait to read it, maybe I'll find some sort of positive? LOL

  10. Yeah, I got over my guilt real quick! Isn't it sad how society makes us moms feel no matter what we choose? Damned if you do (work) damned if you don't (stay home)! Sheeps!

  11. Hey! I object to book number two. {*grin*}

    Nice cover up - cheer your son on in comfort.

  12. I love that you don't have mother's guilt and you acknowledge that you are doing a good job. I think many mother's need to take a page out of your book.

    And "The Joy of Cancer" manages to be sad and funny at the same time.

  13. I enjoyed the one about the guilt, your choosing to be happy and the book titles. Great post!

  14. I'm not suprised you have no guilt as a mother; you're my kinda mother....Bellemama, yep...:) And things you made? Wait til I get there, and I can see all the things you made FOR DINNER :))) lol...


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