Monday, July 13, 2009

Stupid Parents...There's always one or two in the bunch.

I have a question for everyone.
I know lots of us have children.
Lots of us have children in multiple sports, and we go to those events, every day, week, etc...
and sit on the sidelines, with the other parents.
We laugh, we cry, we cheer, we wince, we fret, we jubilate... we basically run the gammit on emotions when watching our kids play or do anything.... right? right.
Okay... so WHY! WHY! WHY do some people feel the need to belittle, talk about or even mention another child's name in the bleachers..unless they are saying something nice about the other child??? Hmmmm? Can someone tell me that please?
Here is my problem.
I am sitting in bleachers, surrounded by our teams parents, aunts,
uncles, brothers, sisters... you name it.
They cheer each child on, say things like... "Come on kid... you can DO it!"
"Woo Hoo! Go number 10!"
"It's okay kid, you'll get 'em next time!"
Those are all cool things to say. To your own child OR ANYONE ELSE'S CHILD... no problem.
What I don't understand is the need to cut someone else's child down...IN THE BLEACHERS, IN FRONT OF THE OTHER CHILD'S PARENT!?!
Case in point...
A kid goes up to bat... and that kid may not have had a stellar season up to bat, but is a killer
3rd baseman, catcher, right field... whatever!
He's already nervous, because HE KNOWS HIS WEAKNESS!
He doesn't need to be reminded...
The Mama or Daddy is shouting positivity to their boy, trying to ease his anxiety...
Then... then... then... some noodle brain decided to say... not loud enough for the kid to hear, but certainly loud enough for the parents in the bleachers to hear...
"Ugh...not this kid again... he can't hit...he sucks!"
"Oh crap...I don't know WHY our dumb coach chose this kid to play on our team...
he can't do anything!"
any number of rude, obnoxious comments ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE'S KID!!!
Oh, and by the way... that 'dumb coach' JUST HAPPENS TO BE MY HUSBAND!
After our last All Star game, one of the parents made a bunch of horrible comments about my husband's coaching style, the fact that we lost, and how much better the team would have been
HAD HE(THE PARENT FLAPPING HIS JAW) been coaching the team.
Well... you know me...
I am not one to keep my mouth shut... ever.
I took the exactly one step it took me to get to the RudeOne, and said...
"Oh reaaaaaly? Well, since you are sooo much better and more capable than Bill, I will be sure to throw your hat into the ring when Managers and Coaches are applying next year... and I expect, with all the bravado you have been speaking with, that you will be a cinch to win the title and All star Tournament next year... so please, by all means... bring your A game, since my husband is good for nothing in your eyes."
To which he replied...
"Don't get all defensive, I'm just saying that the team could have been coached a little better... that's all"
To which I came back with...
"Oooooh... YOUR way... the way that gets you kicked off of fields by umpires, and kids go home crying because of how you treat them and belittle them?Thanks but no thanks... I'll take my husbands respectful, disciplined way any day of the week... by the way... we won the first and second half of the season during regular season... what have you done lately?"
He stopped talking to me after that, but kept flapping his jaw about how Bill needs to just not have an after game meeting and let them all go home with their heads bowed in shame for losing.
He (the jaw flapper) was a real loser.
I also had to school another parent that was always cutting down another parents kid.
I told her to "worry about her own son... she can say what she wants about her own, within reason, but to lay off other people's kids... unless it was a nice comment... didn't she realize that the kid's parent was RIGHT THERE! and no parents needs another adult's opinion on their kid?
I mean REALLY! What is the freaking deal!
The other parent was visibly clenching and unclenching his fist...and wanted to say something, but didn't, to keep the peace...
Peace, Schmeace... those parents need to be schooled!
Such idiots!
Say what you want about my kid/hubby/me in the privacy of your own home... what I don't know won't harm me... but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you do that in my presence or one of my friends presence!!! Come on!
One old guy stood behind me at the last game,
obviously not knowing who I was related to, and was
complaining about Alex's catching ability, and being very vocal about how
Alex was playing that game...
When I turned around to give him "The Italian Eye" he said... "Am I right?"
and I said...
"Uh... nope... you are talking about my SON"
He turned whiter than he normally was.
That was fun.
Note to parents who feel the need to vocalize your opinion about other people's kids.


  1. Well said! Although LOL I wish I could be a fly on your shoulder.


  2. I feel your pain, Saundra! Thank God most parents are smart enough to remember they are KIDS and STILL LEARNING! Too bad the stupid parents are even too stupid to read this post (or anything for that matter) LOL!

  3. Our boys play soccer, baseball, and swim and Moron parents abound. You did great, you are my hero! The Eyetalian Eye, love, love, love it!! My husband used to coach, now is a soccer ref, so much b.s.

  4. AMEN! I am with you, I would have to say something to those parents, I wouldn't be able to just keep my mouth shut about them talking smack about someone else's kid! Oh how I look forward to those days!

  5. Dee Dee... it is scary in my head and on my shoulder... i don't wish it on anyone.

  6. I know they can be valuable but you just illustrated reason #1 I'm not fond of school sports. And it seems to be getting worse....just read the papers.

    Good for you for having your say and putting the dumbbells in their places. Although one sounds like he STILL doesn't know his place.

  7. I think that same guy was in our little town for awhile- good for you for standing up to him- you are so right! I can't stand it either.

  8. Good ending. Who can understand the small-minded envy of people? That Sanskrit prayer at the end of my podcast was meant for these people, right?

  9. Oh to be an idiot for one day and not know it. I feel your pain, even as a child I felt it. My dad was often the umpire and the things people would say about him hurt my feelings deeply and I was only 9...

  10. how sad that these parents never grew out of their insecurity and the need to fit in. imagine the environment their own kids are raised in. wow.

  11. Ugh! How awful!!! Totatlly tactless. Very poor example for their children!!

  12. Julie Arena SwopeTuesday, July 14, 2009

    Amen! You told him!

    Move to Kansas City! The house next door is for sale! You boys and my boys will be the best of friends and so will we. I think we are way alike.

  13. You know what would truly be humbling? Have a day where the parents switch with the kids and they play instead. Can you imagine their kids watching them and the comments that they wouldn't make!!

    That is a shame but you told them and good for you!


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