Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bachelorette...Trainwreck TV at it finest!

Holy Man Code, Batman!
Last night was the "Mancode" Version of Trainwreck TV...
I swear!
Scary Mike was still scary, and dumb, but awfully cute with the beard... I love facial hair!
He talked himself out of so many girls pants last night asking the audience of mostly women
"Hey, all you don't like it when a guy walks up to you and says... "Damn, you have a nice A**????"
To which the audience replied...
"NOOOOO" while emphatically shaking their heads.
My hubby was shocked too. Bill is ManCode President.
I know... I know...
Surprise, Surprise... Wes DIDn't show up! THE COWARD!
I bet he was doing sell out performances in Chiuaua Mexico during the taping of that show.
He has sooo much bravado in the limo, and now... just like we all thought he was...
he is just a lowly snake.
All the men seemed to be supremely jealous of Jake, the perfect one.
I like Jake.
Everyone deserves a Jake to be married to.
I married a cross between Mike and Jake... a combo that just "does it" for me.
Sue me. *
Jason and Molly came back for a quick moment.
I almost threw up.
"nuff said.
REID... didn't make it... BUT they did show a quick cameo of him holding a ring
I like Reid for Jillian.
I love Ed... but he's too easy of a catch... Reid made Jillian think, and fight, and wonder...
and that is just sooo appealing... admit it.
Next week, if ABC plays their cards right... should be one lie and deceitful entanglement after another.
ABC stands for
Another Bachelor Crapshoot
Another Bachelorette Canned
Awwwww Bachelors Can't
Yeah, after last season with Jason, they kind lost it... for me.


  1. I opened Yahoo's home page and saw a story about the "shocking" news on the Bachelorette last night. So, what did I do? Quickly came over here for the update instead of reading the STUPID Yahoo update.

    Thanks, mama! I love it!

  2. I'm not sure I'm shocked. Were you?


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