Friday, July 31, 2009

Clean office? or Expedia? Hmmm.....

I am blogging right now, so I can avoid cleaning out my office.
It looks like a tornado touch down for 5 years in that little thing.
Maybe I'll get motivated to clean it if I decide to make it a wine cellar?
Or maybe I should decide to pad it with mattresses on the walls and call it my own personal
Looney Tunes room... you know... for the PMS days and the "OMG, get me out of here!" days.
This isn't your typical room, it's really, really tiny.
5ft by 5 ft.
More like a little closet.
When Bill first built it, I loved it.
I still do, but 5 people use this thing!
Do you know how crowded a 5x5 space is when
5 people try to cram in here to see something online?
All the oxygen gets sucked out fast.
It's more like an elevator that goes nowhere...
just a suffocating place where the door slides open and closed.
I don't dare light a candle in here, with all the paper, it would light up in a second, not
to mention the candle would suck even more oxygen out of here.
This is totally on another subject... but I read somewhere that a woman that has all boys in the house, ACTUALLY has more testosterone in her body,
because when the boys hug her, the skin contact from arms and face release hormones?
And my men wonder why I need my girly weekends!
I wonder if the same is true for men who have only daughters.
Do they get estrogen the same way?
That sure would explain a lot of "man boobs" huh?
At least we women already have testosterone in our bodies to begin with,
but men don't have estrogen.
I'm beginning to understand the men that are more in touch with their
"feminine side".
I need to hire some sisters to live with us for a couple of years.
My men are entirely too "frat house" around here.
Can you tell I need some time away again?
I'm thinking New York City.
or San Francisco.
Somewhere with lots of lights and lots of things girls like to do...
Okay, I'm going to go make reservations right now.
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...


  1. Go for beautiful...I lived there for 5 years and LOVED IT and they should be out of their gloomy days on the bay!

  2. (jumping up in the air with hand raised) Take me! Take me!

  3. I'm totally getting you on this one. My daughter moved out eight years ago and left me with a couple of guys. NOT THE SAME. And it's not that I don't like it, I do (most of the time). But their goofy guy, living on a different planet stuff can get to you every once in awhile.


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