Monday, July 6, 2009

Hey! Look at me! I know how to put someone down!

It's Monday.
It's hot.
The pool is calling my name.
We have a baseball game tonight for William
and another one tommorow night for Alex.
I'll post more when we get home.
I'll have my Trainwreck TV all watched and ready to go around midnight.
Wish us luck!
This particular team is a team divided... lots of "different" personalities, not a lot of commeraderie. Lot's of only children and their spoiled ways.
William is sooooo not used to that type of team.
Let's hope they can pull their heads out of their butts long enough to realize they need to cheer each others triumphs instead of delighting in each others mistakes.
You should hear some of the banter... it's really ridiculous!
At one game during the season, I had a couple of people from other teams come over and ask if the team knew they were on the same team. I was mortified.
William just wants everyone to get along, put their heads down and play some ball.
He is the oldest on the team, and in High School, which changes how you do things, but he loves to play ball so much, he is willing to put up with the "Junior High Mentality" as he calls it.
Oh... if he would only remember that a couple of short years ago... he.. too was a pip squeak Jr. Higher. LOL!
What cracks me up the most... is the kids that try... every single practice... to call William out on something... no matter what it is... they will always try to find SOMETHING to fault William with... whether it be his glove on the ground, how he swings, the zits on his face (oh... they should jussst wait) and William, being the gentle Giant that he is... KNOWS he can swat those little guys like a bug... and just looks at them and smirks... It is so funny to see that stuff happen. Those little boys THINK it bothers William... and he just comes home and laughs.
I love that he knows who he is... and doesn't feel the need prove his might or his position...
There is also an AWFUL lot of cussing on this team. So much so... my hubby and I are afraid some of the kids will be thrown out of a game during these Allstars.
Will hates when players cuss at each other.
It isn't tolerated at his school, it shows ignorance and poor speech skills, and one boy in particular makes it a habit to say the F bomb during every sentence.
His parents must be so proud.
William, during the regular season, implored the coach to institute a punishment of running laps for extensive cussing.
Will did not win points for that one from the team.
I love a leader.
So... here's hoping things have changed a little in the post season practices and some respect was learned and taught during practices.
I really hope we win.


  1. I can only infer that trainwreck tv has something to do with tonight's airing of The Bachelorette. Is this so?

    Are you a Big Brother fan too because I'm fired up for that to kick off this week as well!

    Good luck in the game tonight!

  2. Your boys are awesome and winning isn't always in the score of the game - of course they know that. And if those 'effin kids on the other 'effin team need straightening out, send them to me...I'll be running MANY laps.

  3. We all knew the team was a disaster to begin with. The PARENTS obviously tolerate the language and the COACHES think they are allowing the boys to be "cool" by cussing. HA! What a joke, teach them some respect; for themselves, their teammates and the game. And I know at least 4 boys on the team who come from great families and who would be shocked to know that their son is acting that way.


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