Friday, July 3, 2009

Johnny is coming home!

Johnny comes home today!
Oh yeah... I haven't told you where he's been!
My Father in Law, John, took him up to his place, a farm, for the past few days.
It was the first time Johnny has spent any time away from us overnight, and he didn't bat an eyelash... he even called yesterday to ask if he could stay an extra night.
I said "yes" of course... even though I miss my little man soooo much.
He forgot to call me and fill me in on his day the first night, so I called him... and he was busy
being push on a Merry Go Round and giggling when he answered the cell phone, I just told him to have a great time and I would talk to him later.
The next day, he called me around 10 a.m. and barely took in a breath when he said this...
"Hi Mama, guess what... Grandpa and me.... we went to a Quail Habitat up here in the desert, and we put water in holes for the thirsty Quail, and we painted some wells, and I got to put my name in the wet paint stuff, and don't worry, Grandpa is making sure I have sunscreen on, and we are drinking lots and lots of water, and I'm having so much fun, and we are really way far out here in the desert, and I gotta go now, cuz we are so busy doing stuff that I can't talk anymore... bye... I love you and tell William and Alex I love them too, bye!... CLICK.
THAT was the extent of our conversation.
He was having the time of his life. He was getting undivided attention... he didn't have to share any attention with 2 big brothers, it was just he and his Grandpa/pal doing good works for animals in the desert.
My Father in Law has chickens, peahens, peacocks, show goats, pocket Yorkies, and a host of other animals on his place... perfect for Grandsons.
My FIL adores these boys. ADORES them...
I know they are in such great hands when he takes them.
I have missed Johnny terribly though.
The family dynamic just isn't the same when one of my little ducks aren't home for extended periods of time.
I also realize how wonderful, healthy, and needed the time with Grandparents is.
I never had that time with mine, my Grandparents were 81 when I was 9, and another two were 82 when I was 18, so they were ancient. I come from two parents who were the youngest of many, many children. My Grandmothers were both very close to 50 when they had my parents. So I am so happy my boys have all four of their Grandparents alive and well.
Johnny just called to inform me he is coming home. He sounds happy, giddy almost.
I'm sure next year he will stay even longer.
The first day he was gone, I found myself calling out his name for dinner, and having to be reminded he wasn't there. :(
The next few days are going to be filled with non stop "Oh, and Mama, we did this...and we did that... and Oh Mama... did I tell you about..."
I, for one, can't wait.
My Johnny is coming home.


  1. I had the best relationship with my Grandparents. I did all the fun things your Johnny just got to do. my kids don't have that and I am so sad for them. I really think they are missing out on so much!

  2. So that's where he's been! Can't wait to hear all his stories at the next practice! :)

  3. It is good for grandchildren to spend time with their grandparents alone, if at all possible. I was only able to spend significant time with one grandmother and she was a terror! And she gave me all her attention because she didn't care for her other grandchildren. I wish she had spent more time with my brother or cousins so I had someone to reminisce about the terror she was!

  4. Sounds like he's having a terrific time. Isn't there just this silent sense of relief when all your chicks are in the nest? I find myself counting before I even open my eyes in the morning - where each of my chicks is and if I have someone else's chick under my wing. Glad he had a blast and glad he's coming home!!

  5. Grandparents are so special. I had the best grandparents in the world and now I love being Grama Sandy to five beautiful little people. Your son is a cutie, btw


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