Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trainwreck TV , The Bachelorette Finale

Well, the summer edition of Trainwreck TV is finally over!
Between the idiot Wes, and perfect Jake, and maniacal Mike, it certainly has been a
whirlwind of soft core porn, foot worshiping, man coding, bad kissing (Kiptyn! Have you seen how he puckers? Gross!),
horrific song writing and singing (Wes) and more squeals, and boots and leg wrapping than I care to mention again! Sheesh!
She chose ED...FINALLY! But of course... not without some major drama!
Sweet Reid came back, but first she got rid of fish pucker Kippy.
Then Reid proposed, all WHITE shoes and grey pants... (What WAS that look?)
but alas... after a lot of mascara, nose wiping, and blowing air out of her mouth while fanning herself... she ended up being persuaded by Chris Harrison that she actually loved ED.
So after interminably LONG hugs and head to chin leaning... she gave Reidy Pie the boot, and squealed when Ed proposed and wrapped her legs around him in an evening gown.
Oy vay.
So... the After the Final Rose is Tuesday night, and I'm sure there will be major squealing, and smooching and gushing.
Maybe Reid will make an appearance this time.
I sure hope they don't make Kippy the next Bachelor... he'd swallow up the girls with the way he kisses... I think Jake should be the next one.
So... after tonight, this will conclude my series of Trainwreck TV until the next season starts.
Gosh, I hope they don't bring back Molly and Jerky Jason again.
I get it... their happy, their perfect, they'd do it all again to find love... blah, blah, freaking blah!


  1. I heard Melissa is going to be on tonights show. I don't want Kyptyn to be the next bachelor either. I think I'm ready for a fresh face...

  2. You crack me up. I've never watched this show but think you and Mama Kat write the best reviews.

    I think everyone is hoping for a fresh face in the fall.

  3. HAHA I so didn't even pay attention to the way he kisses and now that I think about it you are right....he would swallow them! That's so classic!


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