Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop 7-30-09

What made me red hot this week?
Yeah, I can do this...
and WARNING!!!! It is NOT NICE about my hubby.
The following rant does not mean I am not grateful, proud, in love with, or otherwise with my hubby... but I was asked what got me red hot this week, and I'm gonna be honest.
I know how hard my hubby works to support us all.
I know how blessed I am to have not needed to work for the last 17 years.
I know what a great guy I have... but something got me all bothered this week, and for the last 17 years!
My hubby works construction.
Has since the day I met him.
Wait, I should be more specific.
He is the head guy of the entire construction crew of his company in Irvine.
He works in an office now, responsible for 35 guys, and works on multi-million dollar
proposals and draws up those jobs for the company.
He is a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker for the past 27 years.
HE LOVES his work, and his company.
THAT isn't my problem.
When it was time to remodel our kitchen... we didn't hire one single thing out. He did it ALL.
Framing, electrical, tile, cabinet installing, rewiring, EVERYTHING!
He even did the drawing of the plans himself. It's what he does.
No, that's still not my problem.
Before the kitchen, he built our entire patio, a playhouse for the kids, redid our fireplace, remodeled on one bathroom, remodeled the kids rooms etc...
The only thing we have EVER hired out was getting our new dual paned windows in a couple of years ago, and it was done in one day.
Recently, he was supposed to start construction on enlarging Johnny and Alex's bedroom and building us a master bathroom that would make the Queen cry with envy.
Instead, I decided that we needed to buy another home and rent it out,
since the prices are so low now.
Fine, we are looking... so HE DECIDES TO MOVE THE POOL PUMP from one side of the yard to the other...
You know all those 'great' projects he's done, that I mentioned before?
Well... what I failed to mention was that he
The pool pump, he PROMISED ME would be moved and cleaned all up in two weekends, flat... no problem...easy peasy.
It's 100 outside, my pump still isn't working, and it's getting green in the pool.
Can you feel my frustration now?
The kitchen remodel was NINE MONTHS OF HELL!
It's not that he doesn't know what he's doing, he just makes 4000 trips to Home Depot a day, and doesn't start working on it until 2 p.m.!
Oh... don't start telling me how blessed I am to have a man that does projects around the house... my Daddy could do all this stuff, and HE BUILT OUR ENTIRE 2500 SQ. FOOT HOUSE when I was 11, in NINE MONTHS, AND HE HAD A BAD BACK!!!
I know... I know... I sound like a complete shrew... but I cringe when he starts another project!
And... of course... I have to make a comment like...
"Uh... are you sure you want to start something? You know how antsy I get when the job doesn't get completed in a timely manner, then we argue, then we both get frustrated, and... well... it is worth it?"
Quite frankly, the reason I want to buy a rental house is because I just CAN NOT go through another construction project for months and months and months.
Do I want a huge master bathroom?? Yes?
Am I willing to wait for it?
We aren't getting any younger.
I just can't put him, myself or the kids through another year long project.
I just can't.
One day, I'll have to take a picture of the Master Bathroom we have now...and you will GASP at how microscopic it is. No, really, you can sit, wash your handS AND take a shower at the SAME TIME!!!
I am willing to live with it forever not to have to feel the way home construction makes me feel about my hubby. I have a timeshare in Vegas with a huge bathroom I can visit.
I'd rather like my husband.
I ask Bill all the time... like a complete idiot I ask... "How long do you think it will take?"
Oh, I love that man, but when it comes to doing things for himself, he takes his sweet time.
If someone else were to ask him to do something for them...
Oh... I get soooo PISSED!!!!
So, this week, our pool is green, it's really hot, and he promised he would be done way back in June. I may have to go buy a pool from the store and set it up right next to our built in pool.
Rant over.
Sue me if I sound like a witch!


  1. Hahaha... Should I be laughing? No, that will probably just piss you off more. But I have too. I've got one of those guys too. Mine has been restoring his '38 Chevy for the last 29 years of our marriage. A L M O S T done... Right... heard that one before. Oh oh, you've struck a nerve Saundra and I'm going off on my own little rant. (Take a deep breath JAM.)

    We just need to laugh (to keep ourselves from screaming!)

  2. This really made me laugh.. I also live with things the way they are - JUST so we don't stat a new project - but my husband has the opposite problem. Wait wait - hear me out...

    Well he won't start anything unless he knows he has time to finish it all. Then if something hitches things up (ex. wrong size pipe, not enough tile...) the world has ended and NOTHING can be done until it is righted and made whole.

    Plans must be cancelled, meals skipped, and anyone not on board is a slacker. You know how many times I wished and prayed or a 24 hour Home Depot... just so I wouldn't have to hear the wining about not bing able to finish the sink... oh how I have wished.

  3. OMG HAHA Wash your hands, use the toilet AND take a shower? ALL AT ONCE? That I GOT to see! HAHA That cracked me up!

    But I do feel your frustration! I would be screaming mad about the pool as well. Look at all the nice weather and pool time he is wasting! I hope he gets that fixed...and QUICK!

  4. I love this about you! Rant away!
    I do have to say, my dear hubby is in sales and marketing. I cringe when he says he is doing something-anything around the house. Toliet running? After 10 trips to the hard ware store, and several hours trying to fix it-it is still running. So I just shut it off.
    A rotted board on our house? I am afraid he will try to fix it-good thing he forgets-because I gave him the time frame to try-and time is running out. Soon I will be hiring it out.... I wish to God he was handy, and everything else is just fine-but I Hate how he thinks he can fix it, and always makes it worse...(I am glad I could rant! Because if I said all that to him-he would be crushed!)

  5. You so deserve this rant. My husband's mr. fix it too and he gets very upset at the suggestion of hiring out any problem. Why would we waste the money when we have him? Well that'd be fine, if it weren't for the fact that he DOESN'T always know what he's doing... he'd still rather figure it out himself than pay a professional.

    To be fair, most of the projects turn out alright. He remodeled our bathroom. Our 1 and only bathroom (we're on our starter home here). Our 1 and only toilet was ripped out for tiling for 1 week. I was 8 months pregnant.

    Needless to say, after I threw a tantrum that a trust-fund 3 year old when envy, I lived with my mother for that time period and he learned to speed up his act.

  6. My husband gets sucked into project hell too just on a much smaller scale because he's not a professional. I understand your frustration, go ahead and Rant.
    I hope your handsome son had a fun birthday.

  7. You are Funny. I needed a good laugh this morning!! But I do understand and that would make me red hot too!!! I really enjoy reading your blog you remind me of a good friend!


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