Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love Ed! TRAINWRECK TV... The Bachelorette

Trainwreck TV... WASN'T so Trainwreck last night.
It was "Fantasy Suite" time... you know... the time when EVERYONE KNOWS they are all having selacious sex in the suite, but they all play it off like they didn't?
The Suite, where THEY CHEAT on all the other dudes or girls in the show?
The place where I WANT to believe it's just cuddling and kissing and not sex with 4 different partners on four different days.. ON NATIONAL TV!
Yeah... Jillian SHOCKED the hell out of me by NOT going to the Fantasy Suites with any of them but Ed... and with ED... she MADE SURE to say out loud for all of us to hear...
"We are going to sleep with our clothes ON, right?"
Ugh... what was I saying... IT WAS TOTALLY TRAINWRECK!!!
I was proud of her for not being slutty... but then she said that... and my stomach turned.
Just the fact that she HAD to say it... it should have been a given... blech!
Ding Dong the Wes is gone!!!!
The jerk was finally sent packing.
HE WAS A MAJOR A** at the final rose ceremony.
He said, "It's me... I'm going to home to have lots of sex" and smiled.
Ugh... he is SOOOO CREEPY!
You should have seen what he wore to dinner! He wasn't even trying!
In the limo, he was talking about the chains being gone, poured himself a MANLY beer, in a highball glass, no less, and says... "I've made Bachelorette history, I made it to the top 4 with a girlfriend at home. My acting days are over."
He is right up there with Jason with me.
Ed. Ed. Ed. I love Ed.
He left for work, I think got fired or quit his job, to come back... and boy is he adorable.
He is my new favorite.
Kiptyn is still good... but she has reservations about him.
REID is a close second to Ed...for me, for her....
He is growing on me.
I like how he banters and teases and jokes with her.
Kiptyn makes fish lips when he kisses her.
Ed's the one.
He has to be.
I bet Wes doesn't show up for the "Men tell all" show.
And if he does happen to... he will probably be wearing a billboard of a picture of his album on his shirt or a huge piece of cardboard.
I hope the jerk Mike, punches him out.
That would be great.
Next week, they head off to Maui.
The drama continues...
Da Da DA!...


  1. I can't wait for the Men Tell All show. He better show up!

    I love Ed too. (swoon)

  2. HI! My first visit to your blog - I popped over from Connie's run down of the bachelorette to find your hilarious run down! I love it and am seriously hooked on this show. I know you are an Ed lover but I am Reid all the way. Whoe knows who she will choose. I have to agree about fishy lips kiptyn.

  3. Maybe Jillian can sing back up on one of Wes's break up songs. Do you think the ratings will drop now that he is gone?

  4. I think it is Reid and Ed in the end, those are the two voices in the preview - I like Kiptin but his hesitency seems a tad more unreliable for Jill. Im guessing she picks Reid.

  5. I'm still watching, but at this point I've started to not really care who she picks. To me it doesn't seem like any of the guys are too into her. Yeah, they all think she's sweet, nice, gets along with everyone, BUT...

    And that whole Wes thing was DISGUSTING!

  6. Oh my gosh I was yelling at the TV, at Wes calling him a big A. What an absolute creep. When and IF his CD comes out I hope women EVERYWHERE boycotts it. Smuck. Love Ed too.


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