Thursday, July 23, 2009

Writers Workshop 7-21-09

What am I giddy about?
I'm giddy about my best friend, finding a really, really nice guy after 41 years of being single.
I think this guy might be the "one" and I am just soooo excited for her. She deserves someone spectacular, that will adore her, that will cherish her, and I think she's found him.
I live vicariously through her.
I am giddy about the prospects I have in my life as far as 'just me' goes.
The doors are wide open and the possibilities are endless, and I am giddy with excitement about
new avenues and doors that may open both personally and financially.
I am so looking forward to finishing my book, and shopping around for publishers, and even if no one bite,
I am giddy about the men I am raising.
They are becoming really interesting, capable, smart human beings,
and I'm beginning to see all our hard work come to fruition.
I just know they were put here on earth for a great purpose.
What are YOU giddy about?


  1. I love your mood towards the book....dammit, you nailed it girl. That's exactly the good giddy feeling that I had. :)))

  2. Stopping by from Mamma Kat's,

    So glad that there are many things to be giddy about. I usually take on one challenge and was debating between giddy and they don't make (blank) like they used to. I chose the latter, only to be reminded before I went to bed that I am truly giddy about my wife who says off the wall things and makes me laugh.

  3. Ohhh a book? Even if someone doesn't publish it, can I still read it?

  4. Summer makes me giddy. I love summer. Sitting by the pool talking to my sister and watching the kids do cannonballs.

    Oh... and having a blog friend that's writing a book that I'm sure is going to get published and hit the best sellers list is making me all giddy too. (I just hope she remembers me when she hits the big time!)

  5. How neat for your friend!!! I am in Love with Love-
    Giddy? I am giddy about your book-remember me-I want a signed copy, and I will pay for it!!!

  6. Only seven more hours to bedtime.

  7. I just came to say hello after I saw your comment on Susan's post. Her and I are off at the same time; I leave tomorrow, did my last (funny) little post today .... I fly out in the morning, will see you from Bangkok, Saundra

  8. OMG I JUST started writing a book! That is so exciting!

    I can't wait to see bancock!


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