Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Final Rose... The Final Trainwreck

If I were a drinker, and was playing a drinking game to the
Bachelorette, The Final Rose, and I decided to take a drink each time
Ed and Jillian kissed... I'd surely be a total alcoholic by now.
I GET IT! I GET IT! You're in mad, all consuming, passionate love!
Let me tell you... Reid made my heart break.
Someone remind me of which Fantasy Suite we was referring to?
My Melissa looked FAB*U*LOUS!
Not to shabby on the ring, either!
I am so glad this particular Trainwreck is over.
It was a long time coming, what with all the squealing, crying, "aboots",
and other such nonsense.
Ed is a really special guy. He still wanted Jillian after she called him out on National TV and said
he had "performance" issues.
I personally think she meant they weren't all kissy and huggy after a day in the sun like that...
but she never made a point to correct herself on the "can't make the soldier stand at attention"
innuendo she so boldly put out there.
Oh yeah, Fish Lippy Kippy showed up too.
This concludes this seasons series of Trainwreck TV...
Saundra... out.


  1. Oh my poor Reid... I seriously was ready to cry for him... you could tell that he was so heartbroken...

    I LOVED when he called her out on the fantasty suite... You know he was probably like "We got all freaky & you dont love me?"...

    Hope he finds happiness... I keep telling everyone - I'd leave my husband & find him if I could! :)

  2. I'm sure there will be another trainwreck show on shortly to get your fix! I'll miss the updates in the meantime!

  3. That whole Reid thing was just tooo painful to watch!!! But I did, both nights...

  4. The radio station I listen to in the morning was re-playing the proposal (cheesy). Then the host came on and was talking about how this is as close to true love as he has seen! We shall see!!!


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