Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Story Friday

Here's the stuff my family and I have been up to in the past week or so...
Pizza making...
Pizza Cooking...
Pita making...
All star Playing...
Firework lighting...
Posing for picture...
Baseball scooping...
Just enjoying being alive family stuff!
Here's hoping everyone is enjoying the time off from school!!!


  1. Great pictures Saundra. Those pizza's look so good.

  2. Your beautiful post and pictures remind me of the Louis Armstrong song, "What A Wonderful World".

    I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
    Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
    And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.

    What a lovely life you've got for yourself over there Saundra!

  3. The pizza looks so yummy, love all the photos!

  4. Great pics but the pizza one...YUM...I'm so hungry right now.

  5. I love your picture posts. What kind of camera do you have?

  6. I have just caught up on your blog-I love how your son had fun with his Grandpa, and the All-Star game, and Trainwreck Tv-I can't watch, since I don't have a tv at the cottage-
    and the pictures of those yummy pizzas-YUM!!!!
    Happy Summer!

  7. Saundra, honey, I miss you :)) And now you make me hungry???? Sheesh.....
    ps: talkin' to you today on my pod.....yes I am :))

  8. btw Saundra thank you for your incredibly sweet comment on David's authorblog, the Sunday


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