Monday, August 3, 2009

Our beach day...

We went to the beach Friday, to celebrate William actually having a few days off from school and Football for the summer.
It was lovely. The weather was cool, it wasn't too crowded, traffic was at a minimum thanks to my Fastrak.
But you know... with me... there's ALWAYS something...
So there we are... we find the primo parking spot, unload the boogie boards, wetsuits, ice chest, umbrella etc...
and we scope out the spot we want to reside for the rest of the day.
We found a place away all by ourselves, so the boys could boogie board without having to
dodge any little kids.
Of course, more and more people started trickling in. No problem. It wasn't crowded, and
it was very enjoyable.
Until about two hours in.
Now... I'm ONLY 41 years young, it wasn't THAT long ago that I was a teenager.
I LOVE MUSIC... all kinds.
Everything but cop killer rap.
I also like music at the beach. HOWEVER... I do NOT enjoy listening to someone else's
music at decibel level : SOUND BARRIER! music.
These "kids" be bopped their way over to where we were, set down their junk, set down the boom box set to SHATTER GLASS, and jumped into the ocean... WITH THE BOOM BOX STILL ON. I couldn't hear my phone ring, I couldn't hear the ocean, I couldn't hear anything else but
that stupid box!
So... I did what every other self respecting 41 year old would do.
I walked over to the box and switched it off.
Do you wanna know what happened?
People around us started clapping!
The "kids" came running out of the water yelling at me,
and asking what the "F" I thought I was doing?
I told them, very quietly and slowly, that the music was entirely too loud, and if you can't hear the ocean with your radio on, you can't hear the lifeguard if she makes an announcement.
I looked around at the clapping audience I had, and all their heads were down, pretending they didn't hear the music. Cowards.
The "F" bomb kid told me to move if I didn't like it, they he had every right to play his music as loud as he wanted, AND... AND.... AND.... he said he couldn't help it if I was too old to appreciate his kind of music!!!!!!
So, I told him his Mama didn't do a very good job teaching him to be respectful of others.
Remember that movie? "Fried Green Tomatoes?" Where the two ladies were in the parking lot, and the little twenty something stole the parking space from Kathy Bates?
So Kathy Bates rams her car and says... "I'm older and I have more insurance?"
Yeah... I totally channeled that movie.
I informed the Rude One that I, too, had a killer boom box, one that I paid for ALL AT ONCE, and didn't have to SAVE MY ALLOWANCE to buy, that was insured under my HOMEOWNERS POLICY, and could be replaced immediately without my having to work a double shift at
Idiots R Us to repurchase. If he would like, I would be happy to go get it out of my car, and would LOVE to play OPERA or COUNTRY on it, and I was SURE it would drown out his
Yes, I engaged.
I know I shouldn't have...
INSIDE... I'M STILL 19, AND YOUNG, AND BEAUTIFUL, AND SMART... AND HAVE PATIENCE! (okay, so I've never had patience...3 out of 4 aint' bad)
The rest of his crew came out of the water, AND STOOD UP FOR ME!!!!
They said to Sir Mouthalot, "Dude, we told you to turn it down! We're in public man!
You can't do that Sh** at the beach!"
Apparently someone informed the lifeguard on duty, and she came over and asked what the problem was. I said nothing, wanting Sir Stupido to answer.
(I once heard the one not talking was the one in charge of the conversation, so I decided to try it out... it worked!)
Stupido told her it was a misunderstanding, and he wouldn't play his music anymore.
The lifeguard said she heard it, and it was entirely too loud, as was going to come over and turn it off if she hadn't seen me already do it. She then informed him that yes, it was a public beach, but that didn't mean he could do whatever he wanted. There were kids around, and everyone needs to hear their parents, screams, announcements, etc...
THEN she told them to move their stuff to the other side of the lifeguard station.
They moved, and everyone apologized EXCEPT Senor Jerko.
No matter.
But I'll tell you what!
Those COWARDS that don't want to 'GET INVOLVED' that had the audacity to clap when the music was turned off, but made like Ostriches when push came to shove?
Well, one of them had the balls to ask me if I could watch their stuff for them while they swam...
and... my being a stubborn, old school Italian, said... "Uh, really? You expect me to run after some dude if your stuff gets swiped, but you can't speak up over music?"
He just stood there, mouth open, incredulous.
He asked someone else.
The other people left (and they said they would watch it), but I didn't let him know I watched it.
Yeah, I'm gangta like that.
It's tough being an opinionated, judgmental, respectful, overbearing, domineering wife and mother...I just wanted a day at the beach!!!


  1. BRAVO! I hate people who ruin a perfectly good day at the beach with that kind of crap!
    Hope the day got better after that!

  2. I am so glad you stood up for yourself. I am such a chicken about those types of things.


  4. Next time I go to the beach... will you be my bodyguard?

  5. YOU? Are it! Marry me please.

  6. You are awesome. Just awesome. And so funny, wished I lived closer to you I would love spedning time with you Saundra.

  7. I would have So Had Your Back!! Are you sure you're not from Jersey?

  8. You are one tough mama for sure and good for you for speaking up (I would expect no less).

  9. Julie Arena Swope in Kansas City, MO.Wednesday, August 05, 2009

    Saundra!  We are soo much alike!  I would have had your back!  To hell with those cowards!

  10. Duuuude. He called you OLD? He really was stupid. He totally got burnt ;-)

    I would have stood up for you! People like that seriously bug me.


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