Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school... the saga starts...

Oy Vay... the first day of school was eventful to say the least.
Alex, my middle child, 13, tall, handsome, funny, just an all around good guy...
was an apparent HIT with the ladies.
How do I know?
I got phone calls. Lots of phone calls.
I tried to laugh through my tears... but I just couldn't muster it up. LOL!
He was frequently mistaken as a FRESHMAN... and girls were visibly upset when they found out he was just a punky seventh grader.
He's right at home in a big school.
The High Schoolers didn't intimidate him at all. I think having his 220 lb, 5'11 big brother with him helped that situation out a bit.
But Alex isn't a shrinking violet... he is pretty confidant... and holds the motto... "Never let 'em see you sweat".
He is sooo excited about attending this school.
He is most excited about having 7th period P.E. (with all the cheerleaders, football players and such) Since he is now playing Jr. High Football at school, he has the "cool" P.E.
He woke up at stupid o'clock to get ready for school...
and PRIMPED in the mirror.
Ahhh Hormones... thy name is GREY HAIR FOR MAMA!
He also had Percussion Studies (drums) and Computers as electives.
5 of his classmates from his other school also transferred, so he has his posse with him,
which include some girls now. UGH!!!
I've already been informed of a 3 day trip to Catalina for Science Camp IN SEPTEMBER... so OF COURSE... an additional check has to be written for this... and OF COURSE... he HAS to go.
William's first day was good as well.
Since he slept in the Gym all last week with the rest of the football team, he feels like he never left the school. I could tell though, that he was excited to have Alex at school with him. Now he has someone to commiserate with, and to talk with about, that actually knows what's going on.
OF COURSE... he lost his cell phone.
Last year, he at least waited a few months before losing the first one.
This year, he graced us with losing it ON THE FIRST DAY!
He lost 4 last year.
I'm thinking he won't be getting his souped up 1965 Ford Galaxy 500 we were GOING to give him for his 16th B-day, until he's 25.
He may be driving the new golf cart (new to us, used) to school.
He and his Dad were going to begin working on the Galaxy, (which is up at Bill's Dad's property)
after Football season... but... MAYBE MAMA WILL BE DRIVING THE EXTREMELY COOL CAR!!!

I love old cars. His isn't close to looking like this... but this is what we are going for.

But if the child loses phones so easily... what might he do with a car! Leaves the keys in it?

Oy Dio!

THANK GOD I made him pay his own insurance this time around.. the replacement phone will be here in 48 hours.

Ding a ling.

Other than that... he had a lot of homework already...and likes his classes.

He is fully loaded this year... Chemistry, Algebra 2, American Sign Language, World Lit, World History, Bible, and Baseball.

All have homework except Baseball.

Poor kids. They are in school from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon - Thurs.

BUT it keeps them out of trouble!

Oh crap! I just burned my focaccia writing this!!!


  1. My 7th grader took a shower last night, then AGAIN this morning before school! Something's up...

    Ummmm... sorry to hear about the phone. We just got one for David over the summer. My husband and I have a bet going to see how long it takes for him to lose it.

  2. Sounds like a busy year. Hang on!

  3. Sounds like everything is going well (minus the phone of course!). Not surprising that the girls are flocking to your great boys!!!! Smart girls!

    Sorry you burned the bread. I think that's a sin, lol!!!

  4. I love your posts and from the contents of this one it looks like you'll have a lot to write about this year!!

  5. What a busy life you have Mama! =)


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