Friday, August 14, 2009

To Anonymous

Well, well, well... It seems that ANONYMOUS wants to play again.
I just had a comment left on my email from a "lady" who frequents my blog from time to time.
It seems she lives in my city, and has attended many softball games here, and is friends with and "hangs out" with the druggies down the street.
Apparently, she claims those people, she thinks I don't know, graduated from high school with 4.0's. Uh... I think not. Both of the kids were kicked out of a school last year, and, last I recall.
kids with 4.0's don't tend to get expelled from school, nor do they stay home all day long DURING SCHOOL HOURS, when they are 16 years old.
She claims... and I quote and am going to spell like she did (by the way... she got a 3.5 GPA and spelled like this...)
"I should write the BORED (not board) a letter and let them know that there are people like me on the BORED. "
She has her pilots LISENSE(not license) and I am lying about what goes on in the Snack Bar.
She, of course, spent every moment, evening and day working it with me and my wonderful
TRULY 3.5 GPA girls. (NOT!)
She obviously has the particular druggies I am mentioning all wrong.
NONE of them ever graduated from High School at all.
I have never mentioned names, or even described them... so, she is really stretching here.
She must know a LOT of druggies.
Oh, and by the way... 4.0 kids don't get arrested 3 times a year from the age of 12.
4.0 students are too busy studying and planning for college to get into too much trouble.
Brava for you for getting your pilots LICENSE...
I would get a big dictionary for your tests... you need it.
Thanks for commenting... but since I have you flagged, it went directly to my REJECT box.
Enjoy your evening... Miss. 3.5!
Oh, and by the way... next time you have something to say... have the cajones to SAY IT TO MY FACE!... everything I have ever said about the drug dealers on this blog, I have either said to their faces or had it written in a police report IN PERSON, that they read, with whatever grade level reading they have.
You might want to choose better friends, I am not the only person on this street with a problem with them, a full 7 out of the nine houses on this cul de sac have had more than one run in with them, and have called the police numerous times... so it isn't just me...
Miss Pilot. Boy, the skies are so safe with you flying, you illiterate fool.
OH! and anonymous, you coward, THIS IS MY BLOG. I CAN WRITE, SAY, TELL WHAT I PLEASE! I am NOT mentioning names, or describing ANYONE... so you have NO IDEA who or what I am writing about... start your own misspelled blog if you feel so strongly against mine, and mention my name even once, and I'll sue you for slander and defamation of character so fast your head will spin... Oh, you DID mention in your comment that you are over 18...


  1. Gee, with intelligence like that on the board, who needs....wait.....what was I going to say? Something that she'd understand.....then I gave up, cos...uh....y'know....

  2. LMAO!!! People are so funny!! That was a great post...just what i needed today!

  3. That is so funny : ) I have to read what the new pilot was so upset about : )

    We have some drug action across the street from us. Nice kids but they sure do smoke weed a lot : (. I just don't want Kaishon to grow up thinking that is normal, so I always ask them to go inside when they are out in the front! And they always listen : )

  4. Oh, Saundra!! All I have to say is "Some People!"

  5. I am never BOARD (yes, pun intended-)by your posts-Keep this up!!!
    What a nut you have following you...

  6. I am catching up on blogs now. Oh how I have missed you and your ranting! LOVE IT! Can't believe I missed all this drama! What a witch or maybe I should say "which" so Miss 3.5 may understand me!!!


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