Monday, August 24, 2009

Schools in!!! Yahooooo!

Woo to the Hoo! 2 of my boys are back to school!
Alex just started Jr. High today, and the same school as his big brother William! {Will is a sophomore this year!}
{The school has 7-8 on one side of campus, and 9-12 on the other}
Alex has decided he is going to play football this season for the school. Yeah!!! So I have two football players in my house now.
I LOVE that it's such a small school. Not thousands of kids milling around... only about 500 total.
Each class is about 100 kids, just right.
Lots and lots of personal attention... everyone knows everyone in school... room to breathe...
we pay through the nose... but it's worth it to me.
It's considered an "Elite" school because of the academics they offer, and their electives list reads like a college. They even have Archery.
I just ADORE this school. Can you tell?
The numbers were a little down in August, due to the economy but we've had a huge influx of student applications in the last three weeks. MANY students from surrounding public schools started school 3 weeks ago, and lots of those parents decided to jump on over to our school at the last minute. So now our numbers are right on par...
50 private schools in California ALONE shut their doors last year...
I'm on the PTA... can you tell? And the booster club... This place is the bomb!
Johnny's school starts in two weeks, after Labor Day.
He got his glasses today. Now he'll be able to read the board in class.
He looks soooo adorable in them.
Two more years at this private school, then we transfer him to his brother's school, and for one year, they will all be under the same roof.
These past few weeks have been chock full of activities and shopping.
From Football Preseason BBQ's to BTS night, to Sweet Sixteen Parties, to soccer, Market Night, Hell Week and catering, and Tae kwon do... I'm pooped!
I am sooo overdue for some Mama time.
Just two more weeks.
Two more weeks...
two more weeks...
One more BTS night this week...
Then its pedicures and... oh man... gotta get these forests formally known as my eyebrows WAXED!!! Yikes!!!


  1. 15 days and counting.... I can't wait!!!

  2. We started back to school today also. I am jealous that you love your school so much. My kids attend public school and while I am involved and the school has real potential I can't do it all alone. The classes are huge and most of the parents don't give a damn. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Can you tell that I am passionate about my child's school too. I wish we could afford something private. I know my boys would thrive but it is just not in the cards for us right now.

  3. You sound kind of giddy! Back to school does that to me too. Enjoy the pedi!


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