Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's Do Lunch!

Bill and I have started on a new eating plan about a month ago.
Instead of having our large meal in the evening, we are having our heavier, larger protein rich meal at lunch, and eating as much juicy, delicious, good for us fruit as we can handle for breakfast and dinner.
It's working out great, Bill has lost 23 lbs and I have lost 20... in 5 WEEKS!
I read about this way of eating in First Magazine, and bought the book it was touting called
"Let's do Lunch".
There's no dairy, wheat or sugar, and we've NEVER felt better.
Bill, of course, cheats like crazy and STILL loses pound after pound.
I haven't cheated even once.
So as you can imagine, my grocery shopping habits have changed dramatically.
I still buy milk, yogurt and cereal for the boys, and I am still making fresh, homemade bread every single day, but I am buying BOAT LOAD of fresh veggies and fruit now... wwwaaaayyyy more than we used to, and I used to buy a lot of fruits and veggies.
I have a REAL problem with it.
It irks me to no end!
I have NEVER gotten pissed off while grocery shopping before our new way of eating.
Wanna know what I'm so mad about?
Well... I'll tell you!
Why is it... that one can buy an entire mountain of fat laden, chemical garbage filled
and... and... .and...
a small fortune for FRESH fruit, veggies and beans?
I never realized how unbalanced the whole junk food/good food prices were...
I rarely purchased chips and dips, but on occasion some not so healthy things would fall into my cart.
Why isn't all fruit and veggies on sale ALL THE TIME!
A lady in front of me in the store was paying her groceries with food stamps.
No problem...
I got a little bold, and quietly asked her if she was allowed to purchase fresh veggies and fruit with her card. She had chips, white bread, soda, frozen burritos, punch, milk, otter pops, ice cream, and frozen dinner packages.
I wasn't trying to embarrass her, and I knew, from how she answered me, that she took my question the way it was intended... as a curiosity of mine.
She said..."Yeah, I can... but these things allow me to buy more for a longer period of time... fresh fruits and veggies eat up my allowance too quickly. I'd love to buy apples, and grapes and oranges for my kids, but they go bad so fast, and I only get three oranges for 4 bucks."
I felt so badly for her.
Unfortunately, she was right... sorta.
Her total for about 5o items was just under $100.00 on her state card thingy.
I had 12 bags of fruits and veggies, and my total was 57.00!!!!!
Tell me that isn't highway robbery!
I bought her and her kids a huge watermelon and told them to enjoy...
she couldn't accept it, because it wouldn't fit into her refrigerator.
Sad... huh?
So I went home with 4 instead of our normal 3 watermelons...
Yes, I really do buy that much watermelon... especially when it's on sale for 15 cent a pound...
yeah! SOMETHING WAS ON SALE!!! But only for a week... then it goes up to 15 bucks per watermelon...
So dumb... they have to throw out the bad fruits and veggies that don't why not just
make a deal with the growers that they need to make better deals!!!
Either way, I feel soooo great on this eating plan. I don't miss bread.. and if I really, really had to have a sandwich... I could... just in moderation...
Time for me to go and "make' dinner, sliced watermelon, plums and fresh blueberries!!!


  1. It's ridiculous how expensive the stuff is, so much so that the hubs wants to have his own garden next year!
    So what do you eat for lunch? I need this diet...I won't miss the bread but I will miss pasta!!!!!

  2. I agree with you. Fruit and veggies should be cheaper. BTW is this diet helping you sleep? I really need some help in the sleeping department.

  3. Like you, I have three boys. I am almost certain that my grocery bill alone has enabled the store owner to put in a new pool and a new wing onto his home, which I have also paid for, just to fill the boys stomachs with something other than fruit rollups (yes, they did try to tell me once that this counted as fruit;)

  4. Saundra, honey, 20lbs in five weeks??? Damn, less of you to love :(

    Congrats :))) xoxox


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