Monday, August 10, 2009


My kids LOVE to have sleepovers.
Probably because I don't allow them to sleep over at other people's house.
Cuz I said so... that's why!
I have this deep seeded fear that, even though I know the parents of the kids, and like them very much...I just have this uneasiness about the things that can go on while under someone else's roof that would never go on under mine.
Case in point...
Alex got a text at 2 a.m. a couple of weeks ago, asking him to SNEAK OUT of my house, and meet the two boys at the DONUT SHOP in town.
Obviously, Alex said "No way!" (I saw the text)
Yesterday, during a team party at a waterslide park nearby, my Hubster got the 411 on the entire scenario.
It seems the two boys were having a sleep over at a boy who lives with his Grandma's house.
(The boys asks Alex to stay over ALL THE TIME)
They snuck out at 1 a.m., jumped fences, walked 3 MILES at night, to the donut shop, and were trying to recruit others to join them on their little adventure.
The COPS saw the boys, took them into custody, and drove them to their homes.
The Officer had to BANG on the door for 5 minutes straight to get the parents to come to the door. The parents weren't even upset... just rolled their eyes.
I would probably tell the officer to take my kid straight to Juvey for the night, and see how he likes it. I totally would.
Scared Straight... my personal favorite way of teaching to stay on the straight and narrow.
Recently, a friend of mine just posted that a friend of her's son, 14, just died from playing that
choking game at a sleepover.
SEE!!! Too much stuff goes on when these kids get together with no parental supervision.
When my boys have sleepovers... there is no door closing in the bedrooms, and they all sleep in the living room, where I can hear, see and monitor everything. I have someone else's kid in my care, I need to be doubly safe and make sure all is on the up and up.
The only thing I hate about sleepovers, is I don't sleep well, and I can't go braless around the house... like I normally do.
Yes, I can scratch my "girls" at my knees... BUT IT IS SOOOO COMFY!!!!
This particular child we have with us today and last night... is a joy to be around...
helpful, kind, honest... BUT A PICKY EATER!
I made homemade, SCONES this morning for breakfast for them, and he didn't like them.
He had cereal while my men feasted on scones.
I don't care that he didn't like them... I even told him to tell me and if he didn't like them, he could have cereal... no problem...
But the last time he spent the night, we have HOMEMADE RAVIOLI... {{who doesn't like HOMEMADE PASTA????}}}
He put... he put... wait... I need to not cry right now... he put... Sniffle sniffle...
That's like going to Paris, ordering Escargot and asking for Ketchup, like Lucy did.
You should have seen my boys eyes... when that bottle was turned up side down to BATHE the Ravioli in white, oooey gooey grossness.
I said nothing, and made a mental note that this sweet, unassuming child, has a dead pallette and is a picky eater.
I gave him his first taste of Mango one morning.
This morning he said he has never seen a plum before, and tried it and loved it.
I didn't even try to feed him lunch.
I took them all to In N Out.
My work here is done.


  1. I'm having a big sleepover in Australia :)))))

  2. OMG - I died laughing reading this! LMAO - going braless around the house....yes, I love doing that too. Have to cover up extra good when the mailman comes though...

    And RANCH?? On ravioli?? And you didn't smack him upside the head with the bottle? That was like a friend of mine putting ketchup on my grandmother's stuffed cabbage. Believe me -- us, Slovaks don't like our recipes being messed with either! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Sleepovers are awful! Years ago, after the first son called me at 3 am to be picked up because things were getting out of control at a sleepover, I slammed down the hammer and said NO MORE! (the parents at that house were "at a party"--remember the call was at 3 AM!)

    I allow them here, but we call them camp-outs. The TV in the family room is allowed to stay on all night (with approved movies)and there is a constant flow of snacks.

    The dogs bark if anyone opens the door so sneaking out or sneaking extras in, can't happen.

    Of course with two off at college, I have my fingers stuck in my years singing lalalalala when they talk about dorm and/or apartment sleepovers. I guess they have to grow if, even if I want to freeze frame them!

  4. ahhh sleepovers. I never get any sleep at those but I agree that they are better to have under your own roof.

  5. Ranch on ravioli, homemade or otherwise, is wrong, just wrong.

  6. hmmm, i can definitely see the aversion to sleep overs...

  7. I don't allow my boys to go to sleepovers either. Thanks for posting this. I was beginning to think I was the only one and was totally being paranoid. I am totally sticking to my guns on this one.

  8. Here we go again!

    Yet another thing we totally agree on!


    When I was a probation & parole officer I wrote pre-sentence investigations for the court for a few years. I got several to do where the kids stayed the night at someone's house and something very, very bad happened to them. These kids were teenagers, one a boy, one a girl and their parents knew the other parents well. SCARY!

    Why can't everyone sleep at their own house?

    No need to sleep anywhere else.

  9. Sleepovers... the bane of my existence. I've been doing them for about twenty years straight now. Only six more years then I'm done with them! I'm definitely getting too old for it...


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