Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writers Workshop 8-20-09

Todays topic I chose are totally in tune with what is going on in my frazzled life these days.
"Hi, my name is Saundra, and I'm a frantic, disheveled, loud, obnoxious, it's my way or the highway, very old fashioned thinking, won't take any back talk, totally ready for school to start... Mama."
Can you tell I have had a summer and a half?
Teens suck!
Well, not all the time... but enough of the time to make me write about it.
Mine are NOT "bad" like the losers down the street.
I know where they are every second of the day, they aren't latch key kids, I'm here all the freaking time, and we keep them so busy, they don't have time to get into major trouble.
The eye rolling, and snide comments, and the TRYING to talk back and give me lip...
I totally GET why animals in the wild sometimes EAT THEIR YOUNG!!!
I know, I know... you all have perfect kids that wouldn't THINK of doing this stuff...
but believe me... just when you THINK your kids aren't capable of doing stuff, they are doing it.
I have been around MANY kids whose parents are totally fooled into thinking their little angels are just the sweetest, kindest, won't talk rudely to adults, child on the planet... AND I KNOW AND HAVE HEARD OTHERWISE!!!
The Snack Shack has totally jaded me ... LOL!
When... when I ask you... did I become the person that ALL the crap gets dealt to?
Daddy comes home from work, and they act like they are LIVING ANGELS!
I hate that.
I need to go away for a week, and have Bill take vacation time, and have him do all the crap and take all the crap.
Ugh... I adore my men. They can be sooo sweet when they want to be... but
2. What will I be doing now that the kids are back to school?
Well, mine aren't back to school just yet... Aug 24 and Sept sometime.
The first hour, I will just sit and LISTEN TO THE SILENCE!
I will dive into the NOTHINGNESS that is my screaming, hitting, eye rolling, mess making, empty for 7 hours home. Ah.. sweet bliss, thy name is school!
The second hour... I will be having my second cup of coffee, watering my garden and probably
The third hour... I will be making my bed, doing some laundry, checking FB,
and HOPEFULLY writing more chapters in my book.
When it's time to get them from school, I will be refreshed and ready to hear all about their school day.
I will make dinner, take them to soccer, pick up from football, send them to bed, and repeat the next day.
I venture to guess, that on... about... day 14...
I will start to miss them... just a little... and get a phone call from my Mama, telling me to cherish these days because they are limited, and not to wish them away.
I will probably make it worse by looking at their baby books.
I'll cry, get over it, and for the rest of the year, learn to savor my job as Mom, and wish for June... just like I have for the last 13 years.


  1. Ha! This makes me delight in the fact that my son is almost 18 months old rather than 18 years old :)

  2. When my boys get up there in age I will probable do the same thing! And I already look in the baby books and they are 2 and 1!! LOL

  3. Cute!!! We are just approaching the teen years at my house, oh boy!!! Enjoy the silence!!

  4. Kids have to be obnoxious when they're teenagers, or we'd never let them move out on their own.

    My son starts school twenty minutes, I'll be bathed in silence. Ahhhh.

  5. Can I come over and swim with you?

  6. love this! put a bit of 'cheer' in that second cup of coffee, you deserve it!

  7. When my kids get to be teenagers, I am going to ship them off.


  8. I have to admit that life is immensely less exciting now that the Son is leaving the teens behind. But I don't miss the 'tude and excitement at all.

  9. You make me feel so bad for my mother when I was a teenager. Because let me tell you I was a hag and a half!

    And I love the little fish you have to feed on your site. It is kind of addicting lol

  10. I'm super excited for lil' D to start school. I'm really excited for the peace and quiet, even if it is for only three hours. What is it with boys and acting like sweet kids when the daddies come home from work? It drives me nuts. And when big D asks how lil' D was and I tell him about all the drama of the day, he looks at me like I'm nuts. The grandparents are the same way. Lil' D can do no wrong in everyone else's eyes. I weep for his teenage years. Not sure how I'm going to handle him. I'm hoping he doesn't have his father's Italian attitude. Take care.

  11. Love it! Sounds like you will be having a great day!

  12. I love your blog ! Just found it from Mama Kat. I hope you get your needed silence! :)

  13. I so get what you mean. I highly recommend a few days away. Not just to show them what they sometimes take for granted but to restore yourself as well. Plus, if you get falling down drunk they can't see you if you're out of town.

  14. Love it. I have to soak up all the sweetness (and NO it absolutely is not all hugs and kisses at my house) while my boys are young. I have a feeling I will be singing your song in about 7 years!!!


    I blinked my eyes and my daughter was out of high school. I blinked again and she was graduating from college.

    When I get a little miffed with my twelve year old, I just try to remind myself of how fast it really goes!

  16. Oh my gosh, you hit the nail on the head! I am SO ready for my daughter to go back to school. She's so bored. I'm tired of entertaining, even though I still have a 2 year old home, but they're easily entertained. But I know when my daughter goes back, I'll miss her. Oy.

  17. I had to laugh at your description. I was just chatting with a woman the other day while our kids panned for gold and she asked my how old my girls were. When I told her she said, "Get ready for the teen years....they aren't always this fun."


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