Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rain... Rain... don't go away...it's been dry so many days...

Alex gets up this morning, goes into the living room, looks out the window and asks
this question...
"Mom, is it EVER going to rain again?"
It's been 6 straight months without rain...
We live in So Cal... remember the song?
"It never rains in California..."
Well, we are living the song.
Are we sick of the sun?
Heck no... I'm not...
but a little variety wouldn't hurt.
I've officially put in a request with God to please make it rain every Wednesday.
So far, no go.
I'll keep trying.
People keep telling me how much He likes hearing from me.
I kinda like talking to Him too.
Hey, maybe if enough of us put in the same request... it'll happen!
Try it for me.
Just Wednesdays.
Every week would be great.


  1. Hmmm....every Wednesday. I think I can handle that! LOL! Hope you get some rain soon!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. I love the rain as long as its just one day here and there. I love the smell of fresh rain.

  3. LOL remember the saying, "be careful what you wish for"????

    If and when it rains here in the dessert, we get flash floods!

  4. I'd vote for rain every Wednesday......or any day for that matter.

  5. Wouldn't it be something if we could plan for weather like that?!

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I could really live quite nicely without ever seeing one drop of it. But when we have a few months without rain, the water companies just start freaking out and start screaming drought (and we need to raise your rate).

    Wednesday's only would be perfect. See what you can do Saundra. I'm counting on you...


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