Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wordful Wed at Angies Circus!

Okay... Alberto, don't kill me... but I just had to post this picture!
This, my friends, is a recent picture of my Italian Exchange Student that came to live with us
over 20 years ago...
Hubba Hubba huh?
The gorgeous lady next to him is his Mama.
I was soooo excited to get a phone call from him, and an email from him on Sunday, AFTER 17 YEARS! The last time I spoke to him was my wedding day!
Soon after I met Bill, about 3 months after, I took off to go to Italy for a month and stayed with Alberto and his family.
Yeah...I know... go ahead and hate me...
I had the greatest time, and he showed me Venice, Andorra, Monaco, Pisa, Milan, Nice, Switzerland, and oh so many other fantastic places!
The next time we go to Italy, probably next year in Spring, we are going to visit Alberto and whoop it up with my boys and hubby!
I'm hoping to show my men all the fabulous places Alberto showed me...
So great to hear from you Alberto.
You were never forgotten!
Until we speak again!


  1. Oh, how awesome is that!! I bet you were thrilled to hear his voice!!!!!!!

    What an exciting trip to look forward to!!

    Happy WW!

  2. So so fun. I'm jealous, again.

  3. Hubba hubba doesn't quite cut it, I think anything would look wonderful with Alberto as a tour guide! What an exciting trip you had and even more so that you will have with your boys! We had three exchange students when I was younger, and I got to take a trip to Spain to visit Maria! It's fun to stay in touch over the years.

    Glad you heard from him!

  4. You have reminded me that I lost touch with my "sister" in Spain. Off to do find her address and send a letter.

  5. wow... after that long - how exciting!

    And dang!!! Mr. Man is some sort of FINE LOOKING!!!

  6. Hubba Hubba is right! :) We had a Japanese exchange student when I was about 13/14 that we still keep in touch with here and there!

    Exciting for you!!!! :)

  7. Thanks for letting me know I was a day early, I think I removed my post and will repost tomorrow, LOL!

    Have a great day!

  8. How exciting to have your own personal tour guide!

  9. mmm....he is quite delicious. Thanks for the eye candy.

  10. What a fantastic experience. Oh and yes, he is quite yummo!

  11. Wow! How cool is that!

    And thanks for the eye-candy! :-)

  12. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing...

  13. Ok-I am VERY (happily) married-but what a cutie! I married a blond, blue eyed boy...but before him-EVERY serious boyfriend was Italian, or close to it...
    What a cutie...

  14. Thats some bit of handsome hunk......uh, you know, nice looking guy (hubby is nearby). Best to think of something else like....cookies!


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