Friday, May 15, 2009

Snack Bar Stories Week 6

I thought I would run out of material.
I really did.
Each and every week seems to bring new and lovely surprises.
My poor hubby, the Vice President of our Little League, had to witness some very, very bad behavior from a couple of coaches this week.
So bad, in fact, that a disciplinary committee had to meet and issue an punishment and a warning.
Yeah, imagine how that sat with the Coach.
"I want to Appeal"
"This isn't fair"
"We didn't hear him cussing..."
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Ugh,,, I hate overgrown babies!
Since two of our three fields were taken away last month, we are down to one field and it is very slow at the snack shack.
So slow, it tends to lead to creative ways to stay busy.
We found ourselves counting the HOURS our coffee pot took to make one pot of coffee...
Think it's time for a new coffee pot?
Yeah, me too.
We had some pretty warm days last week, so, with warm weather, OF COURSE, my breakers need to trip off. I ended up losing an entire freezer, because it was sucking too much juice from my other appliances. So now... MY HOME FREEZER is our BACK UP freezer now.
Such fun!
It is mostly fun to have to say "No honey, you can't eat the pretzels in our freezer, they are for the snack bar" to a hungry 10 year old. So sad.
But he understands... and asks me to buy us our own pretzels, which I will, next week.
The complaining parents have dwindled... mostly because they are properly trained now to realize that I'm not gonna budge on who works in my snack bar.
In hind sight, I can't blame them, all the time, they are not nor ever have been business owners, and don't get the concept of limiting the amount of hands in a cash drawer.
That's the ONLY leeway I will give the Snack Shack bashing parents.
Otherwise... they are all evil and must be destroyed.
We are having a hell of a time keeping the Ice Cream Salesman/ Roach Coach dudes, from
creeping onto our property stealing business from us.
Last night, the cops had to be called!
Thanks Snack Shack Team Leader!
It was a lucrative night too, and we couldn't afford to lose any money.
Ohhh... last night, at my son's game... I witnessed a little girl, maybe about 4 years old...
behaving like such a brat, I wanted to slap her Mother.
She had a water bottle, and her Aunt was choking, so the Aunt took the water bottle off the bleacher and began drinking it so she WOULDN'T DIE!... The little "girl", ooohh I want to say another not so nice name here... began screaming and thrashing around LIKE A WILD BANSHEE because the Aunt took a life saving drink from it.
The MOTHER, the sister of the choker, BERATED her sister for 'TAKING HER DAUGHTERS WATER". The Aunt said... "Didn't you hear me choking? I couldn't breathe! I needed to clear my throat!"
The Mother just giggled as her demon child did the deed.
So the Mother says... "Well, she's crying now, and what are you going to do about it?"
Yes, I held my tongue... but not for long.
After the Mother asked that question, the little "girl" got this evil look on her face, clenched her teeth, ran face first into the Aunt's chest and proceeded to BEAT and SCRATCH repeatedly at her Aunt, and caused the Aunt to bleed.
The girl caught a look at my mortified face, and started to cry again, pointing to me and telling her Mother that I was a "bad lady" and a "mean lady" and "go hit her Mama, she is looking at me and I don't like her".
My mouth froze into the look I was giving her, my mouth open, incredulous that a child would be allowed at any age to beat and scrape an adult unless being taken or comprimised.
The Mother turned around, and saw my mortified face, and turned around and said these words...
"Oh, she is angry with you because you were being naughty and were hitting Auntie... she's gonna get you if you don't stop."
I. was. done.
At this point.
Then my mouth opened...
"Oh no you don't. Don't you dare do that to me or your kid. She does this because you ALLOW it, she did it and YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP HER! Your SISTER WAS CHOKING, and if she hadn't grabbed that water, I WOULD HAVE AND HANDED IT TO HER, while performing the Heimlich. Your little darling drew blood, and now I'm going to get your sister a clean wet towel and a bandage for her cut. Discipline your child please..."
Ohh. I was HOT!...
My kids would have been severely reprimanded, made to apologize,and taken home if they EVER pulled something like that... at any age. There was sheer malice in that little devil's eyes.
I so wanted to SLAP THAT MOTHER!
In the past, this same girl was allowed to stomp her feet in defiance, call her Mother a loser and an idiot, kick her Mother, and slap her Mother across the face because she wasn't listening to her.
Ugh... that woman is creating SUCH a monster!
The little darling came to the Snack Bar window while I was tending to her Aunt's wounds on her chest and had the audacity to say...
"Give me a lollipop."
To which I replied...
and she said...
"I'm gonna tell my Mommy."
and I said...
"Go tell Mommy to come here if you want a lollipop, with money."
The Auntie left, and I proceeded to put all our suckers out of the way... there was no way I was going to give in to the she devil.
She comes back with a quarter, and I told her we didn't have anymore lollipops.
She went to her Mother crying...
I am a horrible, rotten person.
Sue me.
That kid was gonna learn a lesson from someone... it may as well have been me.
I am SOOOOO not someone who reprimands someone else's children... EVER, EVER, EVER.
But this kid is a future Black Widow.
No way was I giving in.
Mommy never did come to the window to demand a lollipop.
I think she 'got it'.
That kid ended up tripping and falling on her scooter after the game was over, then she ran face first into a tree.
Karma... sheer and simple... Karma.
No... I did NOT put that tree there!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Oh my word! I would never let my kids get away with stuff like that.

    Then they send them off to school and expect the teacher to control them. HA!

    Great post Saundra, nice work.

  2. I am so not buying that you did not put that tree there....but I'm not turning you in

  3. I'm stunned! Well that child is obviously a product of her environment and the mother knows how wrong she is...Karma's a B*t*h!

  4. Yup, then they happily (and joyfully) send them off to kindergarten where the teacher must deal with a handful of these same kind of kids in one classroom. "I can't do anything with him/her at home either." That is the standard reply, but we all know, it should read, " I don't want to do anything . . . " Thank God for the parents who do know better!!!

  5. oooh lord... those fields are seriously like you own personal soap opera!

  6. I HEART YOU for this!!! I am the cook for our swim team snack bar, don't you just want to throttle some of these MORON Parents!?!

  7. Oh the joys of the snack bar. I too am organzing for t-ball and it is screaming new television reality show. I mean just imagine if there were cameras there.

    Maybe we could be producers and feature all the little satan like children in the promo.

    What's a good title...field of fury? Poor sports? Take me out to the ballpark?

    Help...I need your creative genius!

  8. Yay! Good for you for speaking out like that. I can't even imagine that, it's like something out of a horror movie?! I hope you gave her mother plenty of 'food for thought', lollipop or no lollipop!

  9. It was the Italian evil eye I tell ya.

  10. Karma rocks, man :) Little &^%$#

  11. Oh wow I dont know what I would have said if I witnessed that. Are parents "rasing" their kids anymore? Love your snack bar stories. =)

  12. Moms and kids like that are the reason I hate shopping or being in public. Either the kids are brats and undisciplined or the Moms are dragging them around when they should be at home with a babysitter. This is why I stay home and let hubby grocery shop while I shop the internet.

  13. Good for you.. that child obviously thinks the world revolves around her, and Mom is the #1 reason why.

    I would have done what you did.. I am a tough love kind of person.. and I think this kid needs that yesterday!


  14. I LOVE IT! Putting up the suckers was a stroke of genius. I wonder what is so wrong in that mother's life that she has such a low opinion of herself as to allow that type of treatment. Sad situation for that whole family.

  15. I think I would've tried to covertly smack both the mother and daughter's heads together! Crap like that drives me nuts and I hate that the children rule the roost and get away with it!! Ugh!

  16. All I can say honey, is that it's a really good thing you don't live on a military post! You would think with parents living a very discipline life that they would run their homes the same way. Well I do, and my friends do, but the vast majority DO NOT!! They have no clue where their kids are or what they're doing. And I'm talking little kids who should never be left unsupervised!!! It's sad and outrageous and no one seems to give a damn.

    Disciplining your children is loving your children!!!! If I'm labeled as "tough" or "mean" these days, then I know I'm doing my job right!

  17. Swearing, police and evil children. This is better than Jon and Kate! You need your own reality show!

    btw, check out Kristen's post. Here's her link:

    She's got a Pampered Chef question and I betcha you could help her...

  18. Hopefully some of what you said sunk in with that mother...but most likely (and unfortunately) she was probably too dense for it to get through. All I can say is sad....if I were that Aunt I would choose not to hang out with the little terror or the little terror's mother!

    By the way, there is an award waiting for you over at my blog...but please don't feel obligated to accept it, in either case just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. :)

  19. That would NOT fly at my house either...
    I am writing a post about my dancing boy's big night, and what made me the most proud was that three of the moms in charge of his group each came up to me and told me that my son was the best behaved by far, with the best manners, and kind to those around him. Yes, I was happy he had fun-but this means more to me than anything...
    I do not believe in abuse of any kind, but one little spank on the tushie does a world of good when they are young so you won't raise brats. Time outs, whatever-just do something!
    I am glad you spoke up-I hope that mom was embarassed, and gives thought to your sage words!

  20. Just me again, pop over to my blog...I have a little something for you!

  21. It's me again...stop by my blog and grab something for yourself there!

  22. Holy cow! How scary that would be to have a horrible bratty little kid like that. Good for you for not selling her a sucker. :)


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