Friday, May 22, 2009

Snack Bar Stories Episode 7

Ugh... This is really starting to give me hives.

This snack bar job is FOR. THE . BIRDS!

The shopping, stocking, working with the teens and a few of the board members are an absolute joy. We have fun, we talk, we banter, cover for each other.. all the good stuff a board is supposed to do...

Then you get the people that talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

Big babies. Not showing up for their time, or saying they are gonna be 3 HOURS LATE!

Helloooo! It's only a 4 hour shift! I would say showing up 3 hours late is more like job abandonment rather than being late. I'm gonna say this real soon...

"Dude... get with the program. If you are upset about something I may or may not have done to you while I have been on the board, either speak up or shut up... those are your only two options. If you think you are 'punishing' me for something by not showing up... think again. I show up for my time, and I'm there an awful lot more than you are. Oh, and another thing, don't pull this Senior board member crap out on me... I'll just laugh in your face... this isn't Junior High buddy... do the job, or resign... I'm not gonna beg you, you're a big boy."

Such nonsense!


The demon child showed up again this week. This time... the little darling came to the snack shack with her Daddy and proceeded to THROW the items he was trying to buy her... AT ME!

She and her Daddy came to the window...she wanted a candy. Her Dad, the rocket scientist that he is...let her choose from an array of our junk. I was thinking... "Dude, just give her three options... she can't read!" He would show her something and she would throw it at me or him.

Ring Pops, corn nuts, candy bracelets... she wanted a candy I didn't have... so then the little angel says this to me... with anger and hatred in her eyes and voice...

"Go get me a Hershey's NNNOOOOWWW!"

I. Was. Done.

I told Daddy that I wasn't going to take that abuse from anyone...especially from a 4 yr old.

He apologized, which was more than I can say for the Mama last week.

He left for a few minutes and came back again and DID THE SAME THING AGAIN!

I said to her with a huge smile on my face...

"If my boys were to ever talk to anyone like that, I would pump soap into their mouths and they would be on restriction from anything fun... for a long time. Talking like that isn't allowed in my house." Then I looked at the Dad.

I could tell he wanted to discipline her, but I also know that Mama wouldn't allow it... she's Mama's shopping buddy and angel! Blech!!!!


I am gonna miss the teens that work in the Snack Shack. They are soo sweet... on Mother's Day, they bought me a huge bouquet of Purple flowers! They were gorgeous!!! and sooo thoughtful!

I've made each of them a scarf, and want to have a pool party at my house when the season is over...

So it isn't all bad... just a few bad apples...


  1. Oooooo a pool party? Can I come? :)

  2. Oh my... someone better get a handle on that little girl before she is way out of control. She'll be driving mom to drink by the time she hits her teens!

  3. Oh my word! Around here there are 2 words for that child.....wood shed! As in out behind it for an attitude adjustment! Imagine her in a few years, scary.

  4. Gosh, are you sure we don't work at the same snack bar??
    This story is why I just sit in the back next to the knives making the breakfast burritos, hot dogs, and brewing the coffee. I had a dad ask me, How Much for a Half a Cup of Coffee? I said same price, he got all huffy and stormed away. Some people!

  5. uuuughhh... i would say at least her dad should be able to raise her half decent.. but then, maybe not considering who her mom is! i dont know how you do it, i dont think i could!

  6. Love it... all of it... seriously needs to be a book.

  7. throwing things? Apparently he can't hand things? Interesting - must be a nerve thing? Wound up muscles???

    Phhhhhhhhh ...

    As for the kid, well, I could suggest a lot of things, none of which would be appropriate.

    but that was super sweet of the kids!!!

    I have an award for you over on one of my blogs!! Please go to to collect it!!

  8. That child is like the spawn of the Devil or something. Scary stuff. You handled it in typical saucy Mommy fashion though...woo hoo!

  9. Oh. My. Gawd. I would've had a hard time refraining from throwing the candy back at the kid and the dad! Holy crap, people! Don't let your kids be the boss!

    I heard this quote that I thought was so funny - "If your kids don't call you Mean Mommy, you're doing something wrong." Ha!

    Despite the bratty kid (you just know they let her play with those freaky Bratz dolls, too, ya konw?!), I'm so glad you have a bunch of good eggs with you. How thoughtful! And the pool party sounds awesome. Enjoy!


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