Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Writers Workshop

Da Beach.
Inside the Coliseum My Mama and her boys. 2006. Look how small they were!
The prompt I am picking is..
Time for a trip? Where are you going this summer?
Where would you go if you could go on your dream destination?
I just made all the reservations for all the different vacations we are taking this summer into the Christmas season.
Just booked our Time Share in Vegas for 4 days during my birthday week, then we are taking a motorhome trip to the Grand Canyon, up to Idaho, and hanging a left and driving down the coast home, sometime in August.
For the Thanksgiving Holiday, I just booked the beach again, and I have to wait for June 1, to book the same beach for New Year week.
In between that, I will be taking little jaunts to New York City for a girls weekend, and probably going to Chicago for a conference for my business in July, I haven't been in a year, and it would be fun to bring the boys this time.
Bill will be going on his annual "Man Trip" with his Dad to the River to "hunt" quail.
Yeah right... we just bought a new boat, so I know EXACTLY what he'll be doing.
I love that he gets to spend that time with his Dad...
One separate vacation a year is good for a marriage... at least I think it is.
When Will is 16, we are going to head over to Italy again, but next time do Rome and North.
Last time we did Rome and South.
That's what he wants for his 16th Bday gift NEXT May.
We love to travel. Kids can read about places just fine... but actually seeing and feeling, and tasting, and being in the places makes the learning such a deeper experience.
My boys are forever changed by having been to Italy and England. Their view of our world and how large it is and how diverse it is a gift.
I wish and hope every child will be able to travel with their parents as children to exotic and totally different places.
If I were ever to become a Zillionaire, I would buy airline tickets to everywhere and toss them out a helicopter everywhere.
But... first things first... I need to become a Zillionaire... dang... that might take a while.
Where would I go instead... if I could?
Hands down.
I would book the most out of the way, less traveled by tour too.
It has always been my dream destination.
When my Father in Law went... I made him tell me about every second he was there.
He brought me home sand in a bottle that he bottled himself and water from the Red Sea and the Sea of Gallilee.
I was giddy. They sit on my bedside.
Yea... Isreal for sure.
To walk where He walked.
Oh man...


  1. I think that is great yall get to travel a lot. So good for the kids to actually see the stuff they read about.

  2. Sounds like you've got some great trips lined up - hope they are all perfect! :)

  3. I would really like to become a billionaire zillionaire also! So let me know what tips work for you, OK : ).

  4. our vacations are scaled back this year so we can put hardwood floors in our house, so I've booked our anniversary getaway to a nearby winery, a few trips to the lake in the summer, Chicago in December to see my cousin get married, and Gulf Shores late summer to say goodbye to the warm weather. Oh and a lot of work in between.

  5. that is wonderful that you guys get to travel so much... we never seem to be able to find the time!! my dream... ive been to mexico quite a few time... and i would just love to be able to go again (real soon) for two weeks and have to do NO-THING!!

  6. Wow you have a huge list of travels to do this summer (year). That is great. We are also going to the Grand Canyon! Stopping in from MamaKats.

  7. I love to travel. Unfortunately I am not a zillionaire either so my trips are limited.

    I did snag a week at a beachfront condo in August for $850..which is a major score. I can't wait!

  8. Ok, so I was kidding about posting a comment on the giveaway post (well, kinda HA) my ultimate destination would be Ireland. I would love to see it!

  9. Can you adopt me please? I love to travel esp to Italy! I love Italy!

  10. Lots of traveling ahead for you. Wish I could join you.

  11. How lucky your boys are to be able to travel! Such fun and such a great education.


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